Located in Stockton-Near San Francisco, San Jose & Sacramento

Eurotech® Soccer Academy is excited to be partnering with the University of the Pacific on it’s  return to the Northern California market in 2017! This first class camp venue will attract campers from all over Northern California including the major soccer hotbeds of San Francisco, San Jose and Sacramento as well as the surrounding communities of Lafayette, Orinda, Walnut Creek, Benicia, Moraga, Lodi, Livermore, San Ramon, Fresno, Pleasanton and the Danville area to name a few. Eurotech® will strictly limit enrollment of it's first year program to 60 campers (combined Field Players and Goalkeepers) in it's first year at UOP.  This stunning 175-acre campus is less than a 90-minute drive from San Francisco & San Jose and less than 45-minutes from Sacramento centrally located between every major city in Northern California and has also served as the location for over 15 Hollywood movies! UOP is consistently ranked among the top 10 most beautiful campuses in the country, enjoys a wonderful moderate climate in the summer, modern air-conditioned dorms and incredible dining facilities in the DeRosa University Center! The Pacific Tigers also boast excellent athletic facilities and have a very competitive Men's and Women's NCAA D-1 soccer program. Eurotech® and UOP are both known for their great programs and this host school is on track to be one of Eurotech’s most popular facilities providing an excellent training environment for youth soccer players in Northern California!

2018 Camp Schedule & Fees
Session Dates, Programs, Availability & Tuition

Early Discount of $25 EXTENDED if Registered by May 1st!

Former Campers Always Save $50 + Early Discount of $25!

University of the Pacific July TBD, 2018
4-Day Under Armour Soccer Performance Center (Sunday-Wednesday)
Programs: Field Player & GK Ages 8-18 (Coed)    
Residential/Overnight Availability: CLOSED $695 REGISTER
Extended Day (9am-8pm) Availability: CLOSED $595 REGISTER
Full Day (9am-4:30pm) Availability: CLOSED $495 REGISTER
University of the Pacific July TBD, 2018
6-Day Under Armour Soccer Performance Center (Sunday-Friday)
Programs: Field Player & GK Ages 8-18 (Coed)    
Residential/Overnight Availability: CLOSED $995.00 REGISTER
Extended Day (9am-8pm) Availability: CLOSED $895.00 REGISTER
Full Day (9am-4:30pm) Availability: CLOSED $795.00 REGISTER
Camp Program Inclusions

Residential/Overnight Campers 
Inclusions: Campers will receive four (4) training sessions per day, full room and board (3 buffet style meals daily-Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner), Under Armour® Training Uniform & Soccer Ball ($95 Retail Value-Jersey, Short, Sock, Soccer Ball), Eurotech® Swag Bag, Official Certificate of Participation, 24-hour supervision, roommate requests (up to 14 days before the start of camp), supervised evening activities (swimming, indoor soccer, game room, lectures, videos) and Eurotech® Pizza Party.

Extended Day Campers 
Inclusions: Campers will receive three (3) training sessions per day, board (2 buffet style meals daily-Lunch & Dinner), Under Armour® Training Uniform & Soccer Ball ($95 Retail Value-Jersey, Short, Sock, Soccer Ball),  Eurotech® Swag Bag, Official Certificate of Participation, Full Supervision.

Full Day Campers 
Inclusions: Campers will receive two (2) training sessions per day, board (1 buffet style meal daily- Lunch only), Under Armour® Training Uniform & Soccer Ball ($95 Retail Value-Jersey, Short, Sock, Soccer Ball), Eurotech® Swag Bag, Official Certificate of Participation, Full Supervision.

All Eurotech® Soccer Performance Center campers receive, as part of their tuition, an Under  Armour® equipment package: 

All 4-Day Campers receive a full uniform set ( 1 Jersey, 1 Short, 1 Sock) and one (1) soccer ball. $95 Retail Value!

All 6-Day Campers receive a full uniform set ( 2 Jerseys, 1 Short, 1 Sock) and one (1) soccer ball. $125 Retail Value!

All 12-Day Campers receive two (2) full uniform sets ( 2 Jerseys, 2 Shorts, 2 Socks) and one (1) soccer ball. $160 Retail Value!

Campers are required to wear the Eurotech® issued uniform daily as part of the program.

The 100% OPTIONAL EXTRA Under Armour® uniform package offered during the registration process includes 1 Jersey, 1 pair of socks and 1 short for $65 which may be ordered during the registration process or, pending availability, at the on-site camp store on the first day of camp. Individual Jerseys, Shorts or Socks will also be available for sale during registration.

Camp Discount Programs
Ways to save $$$ on Camp Tuition!

Early Discount - Register Before April 5th & Save $25! 
All campers have the opportunity to save $25 if registering before April 5th. Campers MAY combine any of the Eurotech® Camp Discounts featured below in addition to the Early Discount.

Former Camper Discount - Save $50!
All Eurotech® Alumni and Former Campers save $50 off tuition instantly regardless of when they register for camp. Eurotech® Alumni can take advantage of this opportunity to save $50, regardless of what year they attended camp!

Family Discount – Save $25! 
Campers from the same immediate family will receive a Family Discount of $25 for each additional sibling.

Group Discount - Club Partners & Teams – Save $50!
Over the years, Eurotech
® has worked with more clubs and teams than any other soccer education organization! Eurotech® offers all organizations (Clubs, High School Teams, Leagues, etc.) a way to help promote Eurotech® programs to their membership via our OFFICIAL CLUB PARTNER PROGRAM! There are no minimums or deposits to pay to start the process and campers from your organization can register for ANY program (Full Day, Extended Day, Residential/Overnight) to recieve the discount! The best part is that this special discount CAN be combined with other discounts offered by Eurotech® as well! All Eurotech® requires is a designated Club or Team "Ambassador"  who agrees to help Eurotech® promote the program within their organization via email and/or social media using the provided email template featuring simple instructions and a unique Eurotech® Discount Promo Code! It's EASY and there is NO minimum of how many players need to register! Call 1-800-679-9830 today or use the "Club Discount Request" link on this page to receive your Club Partner Discount Promo Code instantly along with a copy-paste email template so everyone in your organization can get registered and saving today!

Registration Information
Eurotech Terms, Conditions & Payment Policies

Camp Question Hotline
Please call 1-800-679-9830 to speak with a representative about specific questions or concerns. We can answer questions and register you at the same time!

Limited Enrollment
Due to limited enrollment and popularity, it is important that you apply early. Some camps were sold out last year and were filled weeks ahead of time. You may call our National Office to ensure availability at your desired site.

Registration Confirmation
For express enrollment and instant confirmation, register online today! In all cases, after your online registration is processed, you will receive a confirmation acceptance via email. If you wish to register by mail or fax, please complete the paper application form and return to the Eurotech® National Office. Our online secure viewer protects your information and expedites your registration process. If your desired camp is sold out, we will inform you as quickly as possible and return any monies paid.

Registration Fee
A non-refundable "Registration Fee" of $25.00 will be charged to each camper at the time of registration and added to the initial deposit payment. This is an annual ONE-TIME charge per camper regardless of the number of sessions the camper attends.  (Please note: The $25 Registration Fee is non-refundable and will be charged with the intial camp deposit payment.)

Initial Deposit & Payments
Full tuition or $100 deposit is due with fully completed registration. Please note that the Registration Fee and,  if chosen, the optional Cancellation Protection Insurance will be added to the initial $100 deposit AT THE TIME OF INITIAL REGISTRATION. Campers will not be permitted to check-in on the first day of camp unless full payment has been received and processed by Eurotech®. At the time of registration, you may elect to either "Pay in Full" or utilize the automated "Monthly Installment" option which will split the balance due into equal monthly installments every 30 days from the initial registration. Registration payments can be made by personal check/money order, MasterCard, Visa or Discover. Custom payment plans are always available by calling the Eurotech® National Office at 1-800-679-9830.

Registrations Before June 15, 2017
A deposit of $100, $25 Registration Fee and optional Cancellation Protection Insurance is required on registrations made BEFORE June 15, 2017. Your final payment and all unpaid balances are due by June 15, 2016. Unpaid balances by June 15, 2015 will result in reservation cancellation and forfeiture of all monies paid unless you are on our online automated monthly payment plan in which, in soem cases, your final payment may fall after this date. 

Registrations After June 15, 2017
Full payment of tuition, $25 Registration Fee and optional Cancellation Protection Insurance is required on registrations made AFTER June 15, 2017. Registrations made within 14 days prior to the start of camp must be paid by credit card. Registrations are accepted right up to the start of camp where openings exist.

Cancellation Protection Insurance - Peace of Mind
Eurotech® offers families optional Camp Cancellation Protection for a non-refundable fee of $25 per session, due at the time of registration. Should you cancel for any reason, Cancellation Protection entitles you to a full refund of camp tuition fees paid to date. (Please note: The $25 Cancellation Protection Insurance Fee is non-refundable and will be charged with the intial camp deposit payment.) Refunds of ANY kind will be given ONLY with the purchase of Cancellation Protection Insurance.

Refund/Cancellation Policy
Without Cancellation Protection and If you must cancel for any reason, Eurotech® will issue a camp credit for any tuition payments made to date. Your camp credit is transferable to an immediate family member and is valid through 2018. (See terms above). Campers who do not check-in and attend their registered camp session will receive NO refunds or credits and forfeit all camp fees paid. No refunds or credits will be given for voluntary withdrawal, no-shows, or expulsions from camp. Requests for refunds based upon the subjective evaluation of the skill of other campers will not be entertained. Cancellations MUST be received in writing (mail or email) no later than 14 days prior to the start of camp. Camp Credits are only valid for one year. All Refunds/Credits will be processed by September 1, 2017.

Transfer Policy
Transfer of tuition to another camp or to another individual is permitted pending approval by the Eurotech® National Office and space availability. Transfers are only valid for the year in which application is received and are transferable to family members or friends.

Medical Departure Policy
If it is determined by the on-site NATA Certified Athletic Trainer(s) that the camper will not be able to continue training due to a medical reason, then the camper will need to be picked up from camp and the portion of time missed will be issued as a Prorated Credit to attend a Eurotech® Camp in 2018.

Cancelled Camp Sessions
In the unlikely event that Eurotech® Soccer Academy cancels your camp session, we will refund all of your camp fees including the Registration Fee or gladly transfer you to another site at a discounted rate. Camper waives any and all damages that may otherwise arise out of any camp cancellation and agrees to accept as liquidated damages said registration fees.

University of the Pacific
Campus Overview


Athletic Facilities
UOP offers incredible athletic facilities with plenty of natural grass fields and a modern turf field used primarily for field hockey. Knoles Field is the new home to the men's and women’s soccer programs. There are new facilities under construction as part of a five-year UOP Athletic District expansion. All the athletic facilities are located in the southwest corner of campus. Brookside and Gardemeyer natural grass fields are located nearby and are just literally a 5-6 minute walk from the dormitories that campers stay in! In addition to plenty of training space, other athletic amenities include Janssen-Lagorio Gymnasium, the brand new Eve Zimmerman Tennis Complex, sand volleyball courts and the Baun Fitness and Performance Center. Chris Kjeldsin Pool Complex is an Olympic sized outdoor pool venue used for the Pacific Tigers Swim and Water Polo teams. The Alex G. Spanos arena is the home to the University of Pacific men’s basketball, women’s basketball and volleyball teams. The Pavilion features seating for 6,150. As with all Eurotech locations, campers are encouraged to bring indoor training soccer shoes in case of inclement weather. 
The dorms are a very short walk to the fields and Eurotech® campers are housed in modern air-conditioned dormitories complete with a common area, billiards hall, laundry facilities and outdoor picnic amenities. Room types in most UOP dormitories include doubles and a limited number of singles. Roommate requests are typically honored and attending teams and groups of players will always be roomed in adjacent rooms on the same floor whenever possible. Eurotech staff are present 24/7 in the dormitories and male and female campers are typically housed on separate floors or wings. Laundry facilities in the dorms feature plenty of coin operated washers and dryers accessible to all campers, guests, and staff. 
Boys and girls are always placed on separate floors, separate wings or separate dorms altogether pending the facility. Multiple Eurotech® Staff are always placed on each floor and provide supervision and support to all campers.
Campus Dining
The DeRosa University Center housing many of the dining centers on campus is located within a very short walk to the UOP dormitory quad and offers buffet style meals with several entrees daily, full salad/fruit bar, dessert bar and drink bar. Campers will also enjoy all their favorites like pizza and burgers during their week of camp! The DeRosa University Center features a campus bookstore, sandwich shop and grill as well as a coffee shop, in addition to the main dining hall. 
There are also drink vending machines in the dormitories and Eurotech® also offers the Pizza Party for all Residential/Overnight campers on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. 
Camp Enrollment
As a first year camp site, Eurotech will limit the enrollment to no more than 50 campers. In recent years, nationwide Eurotech® enrollment numbers have averaged anywhere from 60-125 campers per venue per week pending the year, location and interest in a specific region. Both teams and individual players from all over Northern California and the region are welcome to join the national and international coaching staff that the adidas® Soccer Performance Centers are known for. As always, enrollment will be on a first come, first serve basis and be set-up to guarantee the correct ratio of goalkeepers to field players.
Campus Security
The University of the Pacific is a very secure campus and features 24-hour campus security guards who work directly with the Eurotech® Director on-site along with experienced UOP Summer Camp Staff, Eurotech® Coaching Staff, Medical Staff, and Counselors who also live in the dorms and monitor camper activity daily. UOP also maintains local physicians on call for medical attention as needed. A Medical Center is located just a short distance from campus as well.
About the University of the Pacific

The University of the Pacific University of the Pacific is an independent, coeducational university serving more than 6,400 students on three campuses in Stockton, San Francisco and Sacramento. It was established by pioneering Methodist ministers in 1851 as California's first chartered institution of higher learning. Pacific has earned widespread recognition for its deep commitment to teaching and learning, its history of innovation, and the accomplishments of its 55,000 living alumni. Pacific continues to enjoy national recognition for its leadership in higher education, consistently ranked among the best national universities by U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review. The University has been listed as a "Best Value" (Top 50) by U.S. News & World Report every year since 2000. U.S. News also ranks Pacific very high for ethnic(Top 5) diversity. In 2012, PayScale, which tracks salary information, ranked the University in the top 75 institutions in the United States for highest paid graduates.


Please visit the University of the Pacific website at to learn more about the campus and location.

Transportation Information-UOP
Designated Airport & Shuttle Information

Arriving by Plane

Sacramento International Airport (SMF ) - approximately 45 minutes from the University of the Pacific

Oakland International Airport (OAK) - approximately 70 minutes from the University of teh Pacific

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) — approximately 80 minutes from the University of the Pacific

Air Transportation Services

Because many of our campers travel by air, we recommend you call your local travel agent or Milne Travel at 1-888-826-1557 and ask for “Eurotech Camp Reservations" or Ingrid Mountain. Milne Travel is the Official Travel Agency for Eurotech® Soccer Worldwide, the NSCAA as well as many other national sports organizations. It is the responsibility of the camper to make all travel plans and forward any flight itineraries to the Eurotech® National Office if a shuttle is being used (see "Shuttle Service" information below). Campers may only arrive on the first day of camp and will be required to depart on the last day of camp.

Ground Transportation/Shuttle Service

Eurotech® also recommends specific shuttle services for this camp location. Reliable and recommended ground transportation companies can be found below. Shuttle service to campers and teams who arrive via air, bus or train may vary from location to location. If you are having problems finding a suitable service, please feel free to contact Eurotech® for assistance. Please note that Eurotech® does not provide a Shuttle Service and can not be responsible for transporting campers to and from airports. It is recommended that younger campers are accompanied by an adult during travel and through the first day registration process.

From Sacramento International Airport (SMF) — Several options exist: Airport Express (209-830-6666/800-954-5595), Blue Van (800-Blue-Van/800-258-3826), Getaway Airport Shuttle (209-339-8687) from Sacramento International Airport straight to the University.

From Oakland International Airport (OAK) — Several options exist: Bayporter Express Shuttle Service (510-864-4000), East Bay Connection (925-609-1920 or 1-800-675-3278) or Leisure Living Transportation (925-943-1512) from Oakland International Airport straight to the University.  

From San Francisco International Airport (SFO) — A couple of options exist: Bayporter Express Shuttle Service (510-864-4000) or East Bay Connection (925-609-1920 or 1-800-675-3278) from San Francisco International Airport straight to the University. 

Transportation from Sacramento International Airport to the University of the Pacific is approximately $90; from San Francisco it is approximately $150 and from Oakland it is approximately $125. Prices will vary - Please check all options for transportation!

Driving Directions-University of the Pacific

Interstate 5 Southbound:
Exit Alpine Avenue. Turn left and proceed east to the campus entrance on Larry Heller Drive.

Interstate 5 Northbound:
Exit Pershing Avenue or Country Club Blvd./Alpine Avenue. Proceed to Alpine and Pershing intersection. Enter campus on Larry Heller Drive.

Southbound and Northbound Highway 99:
Take Crosstown Freeway (Hwy. 4) west to I-5. Exit I-5 north. Exit Pershing Avenue. Proceed straight 20 blocks to Pacific campus. Turn right to enter on Larry Heller Drive.

From San Francisco International Airport:
Take US-101 south to CA-92 west toward Hayward. Merge onto I-880 north. Take the I-238 exit toward Castro Valley/Stockton. Merge onto I-580 east. Take left fork to I-205 east toward Tracy/Stockton. Take ramp to I-5 north. Exit Pershing Avenue or Country Club Blvd./Alpine Avenue. Proceed to Alpine and Pershing intersection. Enter campus on Larry Heller Drive.

From Sacramento Airport:
Take ramp to I-5 south. Exit Alpine Avenue. Turn left and proceed east to the campus entrance on Larry Heller Drive.

Camp Location-University of the Pacific


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