General Information
Important information for Parents, Coaches & Group Coordinators
Camp Meals
All meals are served in the on-site campus cafeteria typically located within a short walk from the dormitories or, in some cases, in the same building. Full meals are served at appropriate meal times during the week. Optional drinks & snacks are typically available for purchase throughout the camp week at non-Eurotech® operated locations and vending machines are typically located in the dormitories but NEVER guaranteed! Provided meals are abundant with buffet style service and hot/cold entrees daily. Residential/Overnight campers also enjoy the "Eurotech Pizza Parties" for those that are extra hungry pending camp location and availability! All meals are carefully monitored and supervised by Eurotech® Camp Staff.
Special Dietary Needs Requests
Eurotech® is aware that many campers have special dietary needs and may have questions regarding meals served at camp facilities and campuses. Most of our dining centers are well equipped to handle most special dietary needs and Eurotech® is always fully committed to supporting campers who have special diet restrictions. Most of our dining facilities are 100% "Peanut Free" for those with peanut/nut allergies and also have "Gluten Free" options available to campers as well as specialized meals as needed upon request. Eurotech® campers who have specialized dietary needs will need to refer to our National Office for more specific information on each camp location prior to registering for camp for detailed information on what is available and what can be accommodated. Any special dietary requests must be made two weeks prior to camp via email at and a Eurotech® Representative will contact you directly to discuss and coordinate with the desired campus dining center. Please note that all campus dining centers may require us to use a different protocol to communicate your needs.
Uniform Package
The mandatory uniform package for field players includes a Eurotech® Nike® Jersey, a pair of Under Nike® Shorts and a pair of Nike® Socks. Attending Goalkeepers will also need to order the Official Eurotech® Uniform in addition to bringing their own GK training equipment - ie - padded jersey, padded shorts, slide shorts, gloves, etc.
Uniform Distribution
All uniforms will be distributed on the first day of registration (Monday) and payment may be made via major credit card on that day. Eurotech® will handle all uniform payments on site at registration and will not take payments via phone prior to the camp start date for camp uniforms. Additional individual Nike® uniform pieces will be available on the first day of registration for purchase.
Returning Camper Uniforms
If you are a returning camper and have last year's Nike® Uniform that fits properly, you CAN USE it again this summer and will have the opportunity to purchase individual pieces on the first day of registration!
Camp Uniform Pricing
$30.00 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Jersey
$25.00 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Shorts
$10.00 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Socks
$65.00 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Uniform Package
(Includes Jersey, Short & Sock & Nike® Camp Soccer Ball)
Laundry At Camp
Laundry facilities are located in the dorms at each location and designated time will be available to Overnight Campers to wash uniforms but we do not want campers to spend evening time washing clothes every night! 
Discipline At Camp
Players come to Eurotech® Soccer Academy programs to learn soccer. All policies of the facility and Eurotech® will be strictly enforced. No camper may leave the camp or facility at any time without parental consent and the drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking, drug use, foul language, possession of any type of firearm or weapon will result in automatic and immediate expulsion from camp with no exceptions or second chances! Parents will be notified of any violations and be asked to pick-up their son/daughter immediately. NO REFUNDS will be made!
Key Deposits & Returns
A room key deposit of between $20-25 MAY be required at some sites. Please be prepared. The deposit is returned on the last day of camp with return of key. A Key Return table/station will be located outside of each dormitory or near the "Closing Ceremony" site for the return of room keys. Regardless of whether a key deposit was required, all unreturned room keys will incur a "Lost Key Fee" of between $25-150 per key pending your camp site and will be billed accordingly based on what the campus lost key fee is. Please note that "Lost Key" fees are NOT associated with Eurotech® and are dictated by the facility iteself.    
Personal Property
Eurotech® is not liable for loss or theft of a student’s personal property. Please do not bring valuable items to camp! It is highly suggested that you leave all expensive electronics at home!
Spending Money
Money for drinks, vending machines and laundry is recommended. Campers are encouraged to bring quarters for use in vending and laundry machines. Typically, change will NOT be available by Eurotech® or facility staff. There will also be a small Eurotech® Camp Store at registration on the first day where you can typically purchase extra uniform items, skill trainer balls and other items. Eurotech® is not a soccer retailer and does not have a "Camp Store" on site.
Cell Phone Policy
Providing campers with cell phones while at camp is permissible, however, cell phone use will not be permitted during lecture sessions, field sessions or camp meetings. Most campers bring cell phones to camp as dormitories are no longer equipped with pay phones, however, there will always be access to staff cell phones and a general use Eurotech® cell phone for emergency purposes 24/7. Cell phone use is limited to camper’s rooms and neutral areas of campus only. Please note that Eurotech® will NOT be responsible for misplaced or stolen cell phones!
Roommate Requests
All roommate requests must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of each camp session. Everything possible will be done to accommodate camper’s requests. However, please note that dorm layouts differ from site to site and may not always allow the possibility of honoring a request based on the requested number of campers in one room. Teams and Groups registering together at the same time must send an official "Group Rooming Request" via email to and our administrator will place campers in the appropriate rooms. Goalkeepers enrolled in our Goalkeeper Program may also room with field players from Eurotech®. Eurotech® will always assign age appropriate roommates if requests are not made. Once at the site, no one can change room assignments without permission of the on-site Eurotech® Director as a safety precaution. Please note that the camp facilities can change our dorm assignments up to the last minute, therefore Eurotech® typically cannot provide information regarding specific dorm information and room layouts prior to the start of camp but a general overview is provided under the "Facility Overview" pages on this website and Eurotech® always does it's best in providing updated rooming information upon receiving updates and confirmations from our facilities.
Accident/Medical Insurance
All participants must be properly covered by their own accident/medical insurance and must indicate such coverage by presenting proof of insurance on the Official Eurotech® Medical Release Form. There is inherent risk in soccer training, match play and the natural competitiveness that exists between participating players during the week of camp. All medical bills, regardless of their nature, whether for sickness or injury shall be the responsiblity of the camper/guardian and not Eurotech® Soccer Academy.
Experience shows that homesickness can be the number one cause of camper unhappiness typically in campers aged 8-10. Please discuss with your child ways to alleviate homesickness during the week of camp, such as specific times of the day to speak on the phone or by bringing care packages to them while at camp. Our coaching staff, administrators and camp counselors have lots of experience with homesickness and will do their best to help campers through these situations and will always work with parents directly so that homesickness will not interfere with a positive camp experience. Parents are always welcome to visit their children at camp. Please see our policy below on "Campus Visits by Parents/Coaches."
Campus Visits by Parents/Coaches
Parents and coaches are encouraged and welcome to visit the camp at any time. If visiting during meal times, please be prepared to pay a guest fee for your meal which will typically cost between $8-10 per meal. We ask that you check-in with a Eurotech® Director upon arrival so that we can identify you and your child.
Camper Vehicles
Some older campers will opt to drive their own cars to camp. In these cases, keys must be turned in to a Eurotech® Site Director on the first day of camp for the entire time spent at camp unless prior arrangements have been made with Eurotech®. For liability reasons, there will be no exceptions to this rule!
Camp Facilities
Our facilities include first class Universities, Prep Schools and Sports Centers/Resorts. Well groomed fields, ample meeting space and secure surroundings make your stay comfortable, convenient and safe. Campers will be assigned 1-4 per room in modern dormitories or hotel accommodations with either en-suite bathrooms or community bathrooms featuring private stall showers and toilets on each floor. Boys and girls are ALWAYS placed on separate floors, separate wings or separate dorms altogether pending the facility. Multiple Eurotech® Staff are always placed on each floor and provide supervision and support to all campers.

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