Eurotech Coaching Directors & Staff
National, Collegiate & International Coaching Staff
The highlight of our popular camp programs is the Eurotech® Coaching Staff. Eurotech® provides every camper the necessary training, positive encouragement, and the discipline that he/she needs to succeed. The camp will be conducted by a Eurotech® Coaching Director or Clinician and assisted by National. Collegiate or International guest coaches from professional clubs. These technical directors truly love the game and possess the ability to educate, demonstrate, and motivate while providing confidence in every player, maximizing the entire experience. Their impact is everlasting and inspirational. This ensures a consistent philosophy and the highest standards at every camp.
Eurotech® is home to the best, most qualified instructors and trainers available in the soccer industry. Their commitment to and desire to share their knowledge provides an unforgettable experience for all campers. The Eurotech® staff is friendly, knowledgable, inspirational and professional. Let our international team of soccer education experts help you achieve your dreams this summer!   
Staff members include collegiate, national and international coaches who are recruited and nationally certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), NSCAA® or through various professional clubs, sports schools and international soccer associations:
NCAA Division 1 - Colleges & Universities 
NCAA Division 2 - Colleges & Universities
NCAA Division 3 - Colleges & Universities
NAIA - Colleges & Universities
AEFCA - Alliance of European Football Coaches Associations
UEFA-Netherlands – Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond (KNVB)
UEFA-England – The Football Association (FA)
UEFA-Germany – Deutscher Fussball-Bund (DFB)
UEFA-France – Federation Francaise de Football
UEFA-Italy – Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio
UEFA-Denmark – Dansk Boldspil-Union
UEFA-Czech Republic – Football Association of the Czech Republic
Canada – The Canadian Soccer Association
UEFA-Scotland – The Scottish Football Association
UEFA-Spain – Real Federacion Espanola de Futbol
UEFA-Wales– The Football Association of Wales
Please Note: This is only a partial representative list of Eurotech® professional affiliations. All Eurotech® camps will feature coaches recruited from these national & international organizations as well as many others.
Camp Medical & Security Staff
24-Hour Medical Staff
A full-time staff of NATA® Certified Athletic Trainers and Student Athletic Trainers (SAT’s) will be on site 24 hours a day monitoring all training sessions, matches, as well as being housed in the same dormitories as the young campers in many cases pending the location. In addition, on-site campus medical staff is always on-call. All facilities are located near modern medical centers. A mandatory Eurotech® Medical Form is required to participate and a downloadable version is available in the Eurotech® "Camp Confirmation Center". The well-being and safety of all campers is always our first priority.
24-Hour Supervision & Security
In addition to our on-site full-time coaching and medical staff, a full-time staff of camp counselors will be on site 24 hours a day for our larger camp sites who provide additional supervision for all campers and act as role models for younger campers both on and off the field. Most counselors are accomplished former multi-year campers and current or aspiring college or professional players themsleves. On-site campus security guards are also available 24/7 and always provide a safe and secure environment throughout the entire camp week.

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