2023 Camp Confirmation Center

Congratulations and thank you for choosing Eurotech® Soccer Academies Inc. and Nike® Soccer Performance Centers for your summer soccer experience! Eurotech® has worked with over 50,000 campers since 1990! We are excited to work with your son or daughter and hope they are equally excited to learn more about the "world's game". If you are a returning camper, thank you once again for putting your trust in Eurotech® and we look forward to having you back. If you are new to our program, welcome! 

If you have already successfully registered and received an email confirmation, then you have been officially accepted to your designated nationwide soccer academy site. This section of the website will provide all the detailed information necessary to prepare for your exciting camp experience and serves as your easy to follow step-by-step "Camp Preparation Guide".
To ensure a positive experience with Eurotech®, please carefully review the information below. As always, if you have additional registration questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-679-9830 between the hours of 9am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday through Friday or via email at questions@eurotechsoccer.comA knowledgable camp representative will always be available to assist you.
As North America’s #1 Soccer Camp & Tour Company®, we welcome you to our program and look forward to meeting you this summer!

First & Last Day of Camp
Camp Arrival & Departure Times
Camp Arrival/Check-In
All Eurotech® Soccer Academy campers are required to Check-In beginning at 8:30am on Monday morning according to the schedulel outlined below. ALL CAMPERS, regardless of registered program (3-Day Overnight, 5-Day Overnight, Extended & Junior Day program campers), will attend the OFFICIAL CAMP CHECK-IN on Monday morning from 8:30-9:30am.
Please notify the Eurotech® office of any late arrivals. PLEASE NOTE THAT EARLY REGISTRATIONS PRIOR TO 8:30AM WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE. International Campers may arrive and check-in Monday morning but camp accommodations are NOT available Sunday evening. Late check-ins on the first day can always be accommodated by calling the National Office at 1-800-679-9830 or via email at questions@eurotechsoccer.com
The first meal for all campers will be lunch on Monday. Parents are always welcome to join us for breakfast, lunch or dinner to experience the camp dining facilities firsthand. (Please note that "Guest Fees" for meals will apply for parents and siblings not registered for camp).
In most cases, signs or banners are typically placed on campus to assist you in locating the registration site. Several emails leading up to your camp start date will be sent as a courtesy reminder along with additional camp registration details and the Official Check-In location on campus.
All campers are required to check in according to this schedule on the first day between 8:30am and 9:30am unless prior arrangements have been made.
ALL RESIDENTIAL campers check-in time will be 8:30-9:00am.
ALL JUNIOR DAY/EXTENDED DAY campers check-in time will be 9:00-9:30am.
Special Note: Teams and Small Groups may arrive together and check in together regardless of program. No payment balances will be accepted at registration unless arranged prior to the start date of camp. Tuition and Camp Equipment package MUST be paid in full prior to the first day of camp.
A brief Parent/Camper Orientation with a Eurotech® Director will take place at approximately 9:45am. This brief orientation is MANDATORY for all campers and parents are also encouraged to attend. The Parent/Camper Orientation will include the introduction of Eurotech® Coaching Staff, General Information for Parents, Day Camper Drop-Off times and location, Daily Schedule Overview and a "Q & A" session for parents with the Site Director. After the orientation, all campers will depart for the fields where they will participate in a group warm-up, a discussion about the official "Camp Rules" and initial teaching group placements which include being observed in small-sided matches.
Daily Program Drop-Off/Pick-Up Times
Official Camp Check-in on the first day (Monday) for all programs is either 8:30am or 9:00am (see check-in schedule above).  All "Junior Day" campers will stay until 4:45pm each day, Monday-Thursday. All "Extended Day" campers will stay until 8pm each day, Monday-Thursday. As a courtesy, we ask ALL parents to please arrive 15 minutes early for daily pick-up so Eurotech® Staff and remaining campers can proceed to dinner or the next session in a timely manner. Daily Drop-Off for ALL DAY CAMPERS is between 8:45am-9:00am.
Residential/Overnight/Sleepover Programs
Residential 3-Day Program (2-nights)
Stay overnight Monday through Tuesday night with check-out at 8pm Wednesday evening following the evening tournament matches and a brief Official Camp Closing Ceremony. All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) are included with tuition from Monday lunch through Wednesday dinner.
Residential 5-Day Program (4-nights)
Stay overnight Monday through Thursday night with check-out at approximately 11:45am Friday following morning training sessions, Soccer.com 3v3 Tournament and Official Camp Closing Ceremony. All meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner) are included with tuition from Monday lunch through Friday breakfast.
Day Programs
Extended Day Program (9am-8pm Daily)
Daily Drop-Off is between 8:45am-9:00am. Earlier drop-offs may be available upon request. The designated drop-off location will be announced at the first day Eurotech® Orientation. Daily Pick-Up is 8:00-8:15pm. Please note that evening matches may extend past 8pm by a few minutes based on remaining daylight, camp location and match scheduling. Our staff will always do everything they can to finish the evening sessions on time! Check-out is at 11:45am on the last day of the session (Friday) following the Soccer.com 3v3 Tournament and the Official Camp Closing Ceremony. Daily buffet style meals (lunch & dinner) are included with tuition from Monday lunch through Thursday dinner.
Junior Day Program (9am-5pm Daily)
Daily Drop-Off is between 8:45am-9:00am. Earlier drop-off may be available upon request. The designated drop-off location will be announced at the first day Eurotech® Orientation. Daily Pick-Up is 4:45pm on the fields and check-out is at 11:45am on the last day of session (Friday) following the Soccer.com 3v3 Tournament and the Official Camp Closing Ceremony. Daily buffet style meals (lunch) are included with tuition from Monday lunch through Thursday lunch.
Camp Departure/Checkout
For all 3-Day Residential participants, camp will conclude after the evening small-sided tournament matches and Official Closing Ceremony at approximately 8pm on the last day (Wednesday). Parents are encouraged to arrive earlier to watch the the final evening sessions, tournament and Official Closing Ceremony! Please see "Key Returns" below for instructions on turning in your room key(s).
For all 5-Day Residential, Extended Day and Junior Day participants, camp will conclude after the morning 3v3 tournament matches and Official Closing Ceremony at approximately 11:45am on the last day (Friday). Parents are encouraged to arrive earlier to watch the the final day sessions, tournament and Official Closing Ceremony! Please see "Key Returns" below for instructions on turning in your room key(s).
Post Camp Travel Policy 
Students needing transportation should not schedule a flight/train/bus prior to the camp close time in order to ensure plenty of time for camp checkout and travel time to the airport. Earlier check-outs are upon request and no refunds or prorated fees are provided. Please note that Eurotech Staff will not be avaialble to drop-off campers at the airport prior to the close of camp! 
Program Upgrades//Roommate Requests/Dietary Requests
After you have completed the registration process, you may want to upgrade your program, modify or verify roommates (overnight campers only), or notify Eurotech® of any special dietary requirements. To expedite your request, please send an email to questions@eurotechsoccer.com and it will be handled quickly by our administrator and an email confirmation will follow. As always, feel free to contact the National Office at 1-800-679-9830 for any requests that may need more attention.
Camp Uniforms
Required Camp Uniform Overview
The Eurotech® Soccer Performance Center program is unique in that all campers regardless of program are required to wear Official Nike® camp uniforms daily for all field sessions as part of the training program. Campers are required to purchase the Official Eurotech® Nike® Training Kit/Uniform package as per below. 
The mandatory uniform package for field players includes a Eurotech® Nike® Jersey, a pair of Nike® Shorts, a pair of Nike® Socks and a Complimentary Official Nike® Camp Soccer Ball! Attending Goalkeepers will also need to order the Official Eurotech® Uniform in addition to bringing their own GK training equipment - ie - padded jersey, padded shorts, slide shorts, gloves, etc.
Uniform Distribution - EASIER PROCESS IN 2023!
All uniforms will be distributed on the first day of registration (Monday). You can, 1) pre-order and pay for your camp uniform now through the online camp registration system or, 2) wait, order and pay for your camp uniform on-site during the first day of camp check-in process (via all major credit cards) Eurotech® will not take separate payments for uniforms via phone prior to the camp start date. Additional individual Nike® camp uniform pieces will be available on the first day of registration for purchase.
Returning Camper Uniforms
If you are a returning camper and have last year's Nike® Uniform that fits properly, you CAN USE it again this summer and will have the opportunity to purchase individual pieces on the first day of registration!
Camp Uniform Pricing
$30 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Jersey
$25 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Shorts
$10 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Socks
$65 - Official Eurotech® Nike® Camp Uniform Package
(Includes Jersey, Short & Sock & Complimentary Nike® Soccer Ball)
Medical Information & Camp Forms
Download all required camp forms here


Download Free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view PDF Documents

Form Download Center
Listed below are the forms that are necessary for your son/daughters participation at a Eurotech® Soccer Academy program this summer. You have the choice to choose the Adobe Acrobat format, or view an image of the form via your browser and print it. The PDF format is preferred but not necessary if you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader.
Medical/Release Form
The Medical Information & Liability Release Form is a 2-page form consisting of camper medical insurance, health history, liability release and guardianship information which must be completed and signed by the camper’s legal parent or guardian. All campers must submit a fully completed Eurotech® Medical/Release Form prior to participation on the first day of camp. Each camper must also have personal medical insurance data recorded on the form. All medical bills, whether sickness or injury, regardless of nature, shall be the responsibility of the camper. Any camper with a pre-existing medical condition or illness must notify the Eurotech® Camp Director and/or Athletic Trainer on the first day of camp.
Medication Dispensing Authorization Form
All campers requiring medication while at camp will also need to complete and submit an Authorization of Medical Dispensation Form. This form makes up the second page of the downloadable form below. NATA Certified Athletic Trainer(s) are typically working with several camps on campus at each location. At camp registration, all medications will be collected by Eurotech® during check-in and provided to the player for administration as needed.
No medication may be kept by the player or self-administered. Eurotech® on-site Directors will review the submitted forms with you during the first day check-in process and you can speak to them directly about any additional medical concerns that you may have regarding your son/daughter. 

DO NOT submit or mail these forms to the Eurotech® National Office prior to the start date of camp - Please bring the Medical/Release Form and if applicable, the Medication Dispensing Authorization Form to camp registration on the first day. This must be on file with Eurotech® prior to participating at camp! Campers will not be allowed to participate in camp without receipt of this fully completed form! Eurotech® Directors will review the forms with you and you can speak to them directly about any additional medical concerns that you may have regarding your son/daughter.

Download Required Eurotech® Medical/Release Form.PDF

Recommended Items for Camp
Printable What to Bring List
What To Bring To Camp (Please Print This  Page as a Checklist) 
Attending a Eurotech® Soccer Performance Center program this coming summer will provide you with a soccer training and skill development experience like no other and to make the most of your camp week, we’ve compiled a list of items to bring as well as the proper soccer equipment needed to have a successful week of camp.         
Please Bring the Following: 
  • Pillow/Sheets/Comforter/Sleeping Bag - Linens are NEVER provided at Eurotech® locations.
  • Soccer Ball - All campers are provided an Nike® Soccer Ball and will be required to use it during every field session, however having an extra ball on hand for soccer camp is never a bad thing for practicing in between sessions.
  • Water Bottle - For use on the fields where water is ALWAYS provided but cups are NEVER provided! Our drink sponsor may provide a water bottle at registration but never guaranteed at every location.
  • T-Shirts/Jerseys - For in-between sessions - full camp uniform is provided for all field sessions.
  • Soccer Shorts - For in-between sessions - full camp uniform is provided for all field sessions.
  • Socks - For in-between sessions - full camp uniform is provided for all field sessions.
  • Underwear - Multiple changes of underwear daily is highly recommended to avoid heat rashes.
  • Soccer Cleats  - Suggestion: Please break them in prior to using at camp - new shoes will give campers blisters very quickly.                                          
  • Indoor/Turf/Running Shoes - Comfortable shoes are required of any kind that campers can play soccer in for early morning SAQ sessions on turf or gym/sports floors.
  • Flip Flops/Sandals - For in-between sessions to let feet dry out - also crucial to avoid blisters and foot fungus.
  • Coins for Laundry - Roll of Quarters for laundry - Staff will NOT have access to change.
  • Spending Money - Roll of Quarters for snack vending machines, drink vending machines and nightly pizza party for Residential/Overnight campers. Suggested $10-15 per night pending how hungry your child gets.
  • Laundry Detergent - Suggestion - bring a small ziplock bag of the individual pod packets - easy to pack and easy for campers to use.
  • Cell Phone - Get your camper a "Pay as you Go" phone for camps only if your son/daughter doesn't already have one.                                
  • Sunscreen - The highest SPF spray is recommended for those sunny days.                                                                    
  • Towels - Bring 2 towels/wash clothes.
  • Toiletries - Shower gel/shampoo, toothbrush/paste, deodorant, etc.
  • Insect Repellent - Deet Free and sprays are best and easiest for kids to use.
  • Tinactin® Athlete’s Foot Spray - See Gold Bond Medicated Powder.
  • Gold Bond® Medicated Powder - See Tinactin Athlete's Foot Spray.
  • Shin Guards - Mandatory for most sessions - campers will NOT be able to participate in certain field sessions without shin guards.
  • Athletic Tape - Please bring your own athletic tape for holding shinguards up.
  • Knee/Ankle Wrap - Please bring your own needed equipment for pre-existing injuries if applicable. All sites have an NATA Certified Athletic Trainer on site to assist with taping.
  • Backpack/String Pack - Bring a backpack or string pack to bring your equipment to and from the fields.
  • Alarm Clock - Great to have in room for some campers.
  • Swim Suit & Towel - Swimming is NOT available at all locations and NEVER guaranteed. It is typically offered to Residential/Overnight campers as part of the evening activities pending availablity at each camp location.
  • Fan/Extension Cord - The only Eurotech® camp location that is NOT air-conditioned is Lake Forest College in Chicago - refer to the facility overview for each location.
  • Warm-up Jacket/Suit/Sweatshirt/Hoodie - In case of cool evenings.
  • Rain Jacket - In case of excessive rainy weather.

Goalkeepers Only (Bring These Extra Items As Well):

  • Goalkeeper Gloves - 2 pair-in case you damage them or in case of inclement weather.
  • Goalkeeper Jerseys - Optional - Your Preference. 
  • Padded Goalkeeper Shorts - Optional-Your Preference.
  • Padded Goalkeeper Pants - Optional-Your Preference.
  • Skidz© or Protective Goalkeeper Shorts - Optional-Your Preference.

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