The Eurotech Difference
5 reasons why you should attend this camp!
1. First-Class Locations.  Eurotech® Soccer Academies are located worldwide at only the finest facilities. Our camps are held at some of the finest prep school and college campuses in the country. Exposure to a campus setting adds a wonderful cultural dimension and provides secure, quality housing as well as a wide selection of nutritious meals.
2. World’s Best Coaches.  Our energetic national, collegiate and international directors take pride in their work and will be there to celebrate your victories and find the lessons in defeat. Our guest coaches include national team, Olympic, college, professional coaches and players from some of the finest European clubs and leagues in the world! 
3. Challenging Instruction.  Eurotech® believes in developing total performance in players, leaving nothing out. Eurotech® training centers follow a natural progression, preparing players for the next level, offering curriculums that are second to none! 
4. Competitive Tournaments.  To compliment the instructional sessions, players get to show off their new skills in the exciting daily league and tournament format featuring 4 v 4 up to 11 v 11! Teams are ranked, promoted and relegated on a daily basis to ensure challenging competition!
5. The Ultimate Challenge.  It’s no secret. Our coaching staff is demanding. All campers are challenged at their level and put to the test in game like situations, small-sided games, intense specialized instructional field sessions and competitive tournament style matches.
Here’s some extras you’ll receive at camp!
Specialized Technical Field Sessions.  Eurotech® offers specialized group field sessions throughout the week conducted by Eurotech® Coaching Directors that focus on the specific weaknesses of American players and on improving that ability with age group and private field sessions scheduled on a daily basis. What other camp in America offers this level of specialized attention?
Off-Field Activities. Specific activities at each camp site varies based on available facilities but typically feature a variety of activities from swimming, movies, bowling, indoor soccer, barbeques and at most sites the popular Eurotech® Pizza Party on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for Overnight/Residential campers. Some sites even feature extensive game rooms that include foosball, table tennis, and arcade games.
Fun, Friends & Growth. Eurotech® takes every step possible to accelerate your child’s love for soccer in a way that’s both enjoyable and educational. Your child will meet other young athletes who love soccer as much as they do, resulting in new experiences, knowledge, and long lasting friendships that will improve the quality of both their soccer and their life.   
24-Hour Supervision. The well being of each camper is the primary concern of our directors and staff. 24-hour supervision on and off the field is a feature of every Eurotech® Soccer Academy program. In addition to all coaching staff, male and female staff members reside in camper dormitories and participate in all evening activities. 
Here’s 5 MORE reasons to attend this camp!
1. An Investment.  Players completing a week of camp with Eurotech® become members of an elite society made up of some of the most passionate, hardest working players in the country. This program will have an impact on your life and instill a sense of pride. Isn’t it time to make an investment in your future?
2. Low Staff Ratios. With low staff to camper ratios, Eurotech® coaches quickly build personal relationships and constantly offer positive encouragement, advice and honest instant feedback on performance. 
3. Limited Enrollment.  All Eurotech® sites have limited enrollment to ensure the quality of instruction, level of competition and provide superb supervision. As a result, Eurotech® staff is both personable and approachable; they always know you by first name.  
4. Gain Confidence.  Your performance will skyrocket, along with your self-confidence! By weeks end, you’ll be thrilled with your progress and newfound knowledge. You will leave Eurotech® with confidence and the tools to continue to improve aspects of your game.   
5. Best Soccer Camp Value In America.  How can we be so confident?  Because we work hard before the camp starts to make sure you’re happy after the camp. With first class coaching, complimentary Eurotech® equipment package, free Seminars, endless instructional field sessions, private player sessions, and highly competitive tournament small-sided play, no soccer camp in America offers this much value for the price. Period.
Eurotech® Commitment to Excellence.
Globally recognized, Eurotech® Soccer Performance programs have become the standard by which other camps are measured. Our camps reflect our commitment to excellence in every way. Why don’t you experience it for yourself this summer? 
Still Haven’t Registered?
Call 1-800-679-9830 today to have a Eurotech® representative answer all your questions and concerns!

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