Eurotech Soccer Academy Camp Week
Typical Daily Schedule & Camp Activities Overview
This is a sample daily schedule only and exact times may vary slightly per camp location. The first and last day schedules are modified due to arrival and departure times. 
Residential, Extended and Junior Day programs end on Wednesday or Friday at 4:30pm. 
A detailed Eurotech® Daily Schedule will be distributed on the first day of camp and additional information regarding the daily schedule will be provided on the first day of camp.
Typical Daily Schedule
Sample Daily Camp Schedule
3:00-4:00pm Lobby/Auditorium/Field House Camp Check-In & Registration
4:00-4:15pm Auditorium/Fieldhouse/Fields Parent Orientation
4:15-5pm Main Training Field/Stadium Group Warm-up/Group Placement
5:00pm Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Dining Center
5:00-6:00pm Dining Center/Cafeteria Dinner
6:30pm Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Fields
6:45-8:00pm Training Fields Group Evaluation Matches/Cool-Down
8:00pm Dorm Lobby/Fields Extended/Junior Day Camper Pickup
8:30pm Front of Dorms Meet Coach/Evening Activities
8:30-9:30pm Various Campus Locations Video/Indoor Soccer/Swimming*
9:30-10:00pm Dorm Lobby Eurotech® Pizza Party
10:00pm Lights Out/Floor Meeting Ages 12 and under Room Checks
10:30pm Lights Out/Floor Meeting Ages 13 & up Room Checks
7:00am Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Fields/Indoor Center
7:00-7:45am Training Fields/Indoor Center Eurotech® SAQ Training
8:00am Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Dining Center
8:15-9:00am Dining Center/Cafeteria Breakfast
9:00am Dorm Lobby Extended/Junior Day Camper Drop-Off
9:15am Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Fields
9:30-10:00am Training Fields Group Warm-Up/Dynamic Stretching
10:00-10:45am Training Fields Eurotech® Moves of the Day
10:45-11:30am Training Fields Eurotech® Skill of the Day
11:30-11:45am Training Fields Golden Goal Competition
12:00noon Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Dining Center
12:15-1:00pm Dining Center/Cafeteria Lunch
1:00-2:00pm Dorm Lounge/Rooms Rest/Group Activities/Possible Swim Session*
2:00pm Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Fields
2:15-3:00pm Training Fields Team Building/Special Topic/Elite Demo
3:00-4:00pm Training Fields Eurotech® Individual Tactical Sessions
4:00-4:45pm Training Fields Eurotech® Striker School
4:45pm Front of Dorm Junior Day Camper Pick-Up
5:00pm Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Dining Center
5:00-6:00pm Dining Center/Cafeteria Dinner
6:30pm Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Depart for Fields
6:45-8:00pm Training Fields Tournament Matches
8:00pm Dorm Lobby/Fields Extended Day Camper Pick-Up
8:30pm Front of Dorm Meet Coach/Evening Activities
8:30-9:30pm Various Campus Locations Video/Indoor Soccer/Swimming*
9:30-10:00pm Dorm Lobby Eurotech® Pizza Party
10:00pm Lights Out/Floor Meeting Ages 12 & under Room Checks
10:30pm Lights Out/Floor Meeting Ages 13 & Up Room Checks
Wednesday & Friday (Modified Afternoon Schedule)
7:00am-12:00pm Various Locations Morning Schedule Same As Above!
12:15-1:00pm Dining Center/Cafeteria Lunch
1:00-2:00pm Dorm Lounge/Rooms Rest/Room Clean-Up & Room Checks
2:00pm Front of Dorms Meet Coach/Depart for Fields
2:15-4:00pm Training Fields/Parent Arrivals Goalie Wars/3v3 Under Armour® Tournament
4:00-4:30pm Training Fields/Stadium Golden Goal Finals/Closing
4:30pm Dorm Lobby Check Out/Key Return/Camp Dismissal!!
Typical Daily Activity Overview
Here's an overview of Eurotech Daily Activities
Group Warm-Up 
All Eurotech® Soccer Academy campers will start the camp by participating in a group warm-up on the first day consisting of lots of fun activities including tag games, team games, ball gymnastics, and more to get everyone acclimated to the coaches, the weather and the field conditions. A great way to start camp and a Eurotech® trademark activity! Starting on Monday, the 9:30am field session after breakfast will consist of a brief age specific group warm-up activity each day. This short 15-20 minute session allows all campers to learn about physical preparation techniques, warming up properly and the importance of flexibility via soccer specific dynamic stretching. The second purpose of this daily regimen is to instill discipline, injury prevention and to teach the importance of preparing the body for performance on a daily basis. The Eurotech® camp week is a strenous one and these sessions tend to ward off most typical overuse camp injuries pending the level of fitness the camper arrives to camp in! 
Teaching Group Placements
Eurotech® Soccer Academy offers the only truly progressive instructional program in the country for boys and girls age 8-18. All teaching group placements and evaluations are done initially through the first day of camp for both teams and individual players. Eurotech® Coaching Staff will create small groups based on age, size, talent and physical safety concerns. Eurotech® will make every effort to have each camper experience the most competitive environment possible and campers always have the opportunity to move up or down in a program based on their level of motivation and comfort as well as overall performance. To learn more about Eurotech Progressive Instructional Programs, go the "Teaching Groups" page on this website. Golden Goal Competition
All Eurotech® Soccer Academy campers are involved in daily age group skill competitions. Campers have the opportunity to win fantastic prizes from one of our largest sponsors and marketing partners, Eurosport ( This popular competition is a camp favorite and consists of the following skill competitions: Juggling, Shoot-Out, One-Touch Shooting and many more! Daily age group winners qualify to compete in the Golden Goal Final Competition where they have the opportunity to win Gift Certificates from Eurosport! In combination with the daily age group competition winners Eurotech® will typically distribute over $500 in merchandise and gift certificates by the end of each camp session!
Eurotech® Evening Activities
Eurotech believes in providing as many learning experiences in a weekly camp session as possible and the daily evening social activities are no exception! Every camp location will offer different programs in the evening based on what is available at the specific camp location. The main purpose of the activities is to allow the campers to relax and have fun with their peers in a social setting. The days are long and full of instruction so Eurotech® keeps the activities and/or topics simple and functional using a combination of video, live lectures, indoor soccer tournaments, swimming, table games, talent shows, etc. Previous camp lecture topics have included nutrition, soccer speed, overall soccer fitness, college recruitment, playing professional soccer, international travel, team building, soccer psychology, motivation/winning habits and many more! Camp lectures are typically conducted by outside presenters or Eurotech® Coaching Staff and Directors. The evening activities typically last one hour and allow overnight campers to bond and socialize in an organized setting prior to the Pizza Party, floor meetings and final room checks.
Eurotech® Pizza Party
The Eurotech® Pizza Party is included with the residential/overnight tuition at most locations and provides a new twist on an old Eurotech® camp tradition! A camper and staff favorite, all overnight campers participate in the Pizza Party Social after the evening activities on Tuesday & Thursday nights.    
Swim Sessions
Swim sessions are also a favorite camper activity and typically found at MOST sites but NEVER guaranteed as per facility scheduling and permissions that are out of Eurotech’s control! If swimming facilities are available to Eurotech® campers, 1-3 sessions are typically fit into the weekly program if possible. Swim sessions are fully supervised by both American Red Cross Certified Lifeguards AND Eurotech® Camp Staff. Please note that, as a lessee of camp facilities, Eurotech® cannot control whether swim facilities, times or certified lifeguards are made available to Eurotech® campers during the week of said session. Eurotech® will do everything possible to ensure that a swim session is included during the camp week but will firstly make sure that your child’s safety is our number one priority.

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