Eurotech Soccer Camp FAQ's
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Please don’t hesitate to email or speak to a Eurotech® Representative by calling the National Office at 1-800-679-9830 Monday-Friday between the hours of 9am and 5pm (Eastern Standard Time) to answer any questions that may not be answered below. A Eurotech® representative will be happy to answer any camp questions or concerns that you may have.

Camp Training FAQ's
Q: What type of players attend Eurotech® programs?
A: Eurotech® typically attracts boys and girls between the ages of 7-16 who truly want to improve their level of play in an exciting, fun and instructional learning environment! Our program features the finest national, international and collegiate coaches available so players who attend are being coached by professional full-time coaches and not "inexperienced" college players and counselors. Created for both individuals and groups of players from the same team who are willing to work hard at every session to improve, Eurotech® programs are the soccer camps to attend! For the focused player who is not necessarily outstanding at the moment and whose goals are to become the best they can be, our programs will be a challenging and extremely positive soccer experience! As with anything in life, attending soccer players will get fantastic results based on how hard they are willing to work and their love of the game!
Q: What kind of sports facilities will my child experience?
A: Our camp venues include only the finest College/Universities, Private Schools, Sports Centers/Resorts and City/Regional Soccer Complexes. These facilities typically include well groomed natural grass or artifical turf soccer fields as well as indoor turf field or sports courts.
Q: Can I attend Eurotech® as both a Goalkeeper & a Field Player?
A: Eurotech® campers must choose to participate in either the Eurotech® Goalkeeper Academy or the Eurotech® Field Player Academy which are separate, highly focused instructional programs. Both programs operate at the same time so that teammates, friends and sibings are still on the same daily camp schedule - the only difference is the curriculum they are following and the instructor (s) they are learning from on a daily basis! Eurotech® is one of the only fully integrated goalkeeper and field player nationally recognized soccer instructional programs in North America! The camp curriculum and program provides a progressive format and switching back and forth between the goalkeeper and field player program will not allow campers to receive the appropriate progression of training and will in many cases, disrupt the traditional "student-teacher" relationship. As a solution for younger campers who may enjoy both positions and are not at a point where they have committted to one position or the other, many campers attend one session as a goalkeeper and a second session as a field player at the same site or even another one of our camp locations around the country.
Q: Can my son/daughter “Play Up” at Eurotech®?
A: Eurotech® encourages players to “play up” in age and be placed in an environment that will challenge them. However, it typically only benefits the player if they are dominating the teaching group they are in and our program is designed to be focused on individual technical development so moving players is not necessary in many cases. 100% of our Coaching Directors are involved full-time with youth development and recruitment at professional clubs based here in the U.S. and internationally and will recognize a player who is outstanding in their age group. With an industry low coaching staff to camper ratio, all campers are monitored closely daily and adjustments are made as needed to ensure that all campers are challenged but not put in a position to be physically harmed. The safety of our campers is always our #1 priority and our coaching staff is highly experienced in identifying talented players. All participating individuals and teammates are always grouped by age and ability and compete and train with those at their age and ability level.
Q: What is the ratio of boys to girls?
A: It is always difficult to predict the ratio of boys to girls at any Eurotech® camp session. However, generally speaking, the percentage of boys to girls is in the neighborhood of 50% for each gender at most sites. Total enrollment in the 7-12 year old age bracket typically makes up 60% of the camp and  the 13-16 year old age bracket has averaged close to 40% over the past several years.
Q: Can parents and coaches come to watch sessions?
A: All sessions are open and we encourage parents and coaches to visit at any time during the course of the camp week. Many coaches, parents, siblings and relatives that live locally typically visit campus to watch the popular tournament matches in the evening after dinner. Due to Eurotech® security guidelines, we ask that all Eurotech® guests check-in and identify themsleves with their son or daughter’s trainer or another camp representative on-site. Don’t be surpised if a Eurotech® Director introduces himself or herself to you in between matches – they always like to meet guests and answer questions about the program! Don’t forget to bring your lawn chairs and camera’s – we’d love to show you what a typical day at Eurotech® is like!
Q: Is water provided on the field during each session?
A: Absolutely! Plenty of water and mutiple water stations per field are available at ALL times. Depending on the layout of our fields, Official Eurotech® Water & Medical Stations are always set up at every field site. It is mandatory for campers to bring their own water bottles to all field sessions and they are encouraged to bring bottled sports drinks for consumption after sessions. Drinking sugary drinks during or in between field sessions in the heat of summer is highly discouraged by Eurotech®.
Q: Does this camp provide education regarding college recruitment?
A: Yes and no. Although, Eurotech® is NOT an Official College ID or Recruitment camp, many of our Eurotech® Coaching Directors are former or current college coaches and can always provide valuable college recruitment information upon request of campers! Eurotech® Coaching Directors are always available and approachable to individual campers who have questions about playing in college or professionally. Our camp also has a large network of college coaches that we work with on a regular basis who are always looking for talented student-athletes and Eurotech® Coaching Directors regularly recommend players to college and professional academy programs.
Q: Will attendance at your camp help a player get a college scholarship?
A: No camp can promise you a scholarship, but we can help you with the process of understanding the kinds of skills required to attract college coaches. Our camp was originally created and designed as an instructional skill development/technical training program to prepare dedicated players for the next level in the most focused learning environment possible. If your son or daughter arrives at camp with an open mind to learning new skills, they will leave Eurotech® with a full understanding of what their technical strengths and weaknesses are and how they can improve to become the well-rounded soccer player that college coaches like to recruit.
Q: What do campers do in their free time?
A: To be honest, there's practically no free time due to the busy daily schedule! Over the past 34 years, the Eurotech® instructional program and curriculum is updated on an annual basis and is designed to keep your son or daughter focused on what they came to our camp for - to become the best soccer player they can be! The end result is to maximize the soccer education that you invested in, therefore, we give every camper a full day of fun and productive soccer training – on and off the field! Proper rest periods and various fun social activities are always provided throughout the day, but this is a camp for focused, dedicated players who really love the game of soccer and who want to truly improve.
Q: What happens if there is bad weather?
A: Eurotech® will always typically conduct training sessions in the rain and inclement weather at the discretion of the attending Site Director and/or Head Athletic Trainer. Most sites have indoor facilities that can be used or the schedule may be changed slightly to accommodate rare weather conditions. However, Eurotech® campers will NEVER train in lightning and severe weather including extremely high heat indexes. In the rare event of missed time due to inclement weather, Eurotech® Directors will always make every effort to reschedule missed sessions or simply rearrange the daily schedule to accommodate lost field time during the week. In the 34 years of our programs, we have NEVER lost training time due to weather situations and have always been able to re-arrange the field session schedule for that day to accommodate those very rare weather related occasions.
Small Group and Team FAQ's
Q: Are small groups and teams welcome?
A: Absolutely! Eurotech® has worked with hundreds of small groups and teams over 34 years of operating youth soccer camps. Nationally recognized, Eurotech® caters to middle school, high school, and club teams and encourages small groups from any team to participate. Typically a parent or coach promotes the program to their group as per the Eurotech Ambassador Program featured below. 
Q: Do you offer small group and team discounts?
A: Yes! To receive a discount of $30 per camper for your small group, team, school or club at a camp location near you, please submit the GROUP DISCOUNT REQUEST FORM to receive the discount code instantly in your email inbox! This unique "Promo Code" valued at $30 will be sent via email upon completion of this form along with simple registration instructions for your participants in a "Copy-Paste" template format and can be used immediately upon receipt. See below for more information!
Q: How can I promote Eurotech® to my team, school or club program?
A: Eurotech® offers all organizations (Individuals, teams, clubs) a way to help promote Eurotech® programs to their membership via our OFFICIAL EUROTECH® AMBASSADOR PROGRAM! There are no minimums or deposits to pay to start the process and campers from your group can register for ANY program (Junior Day, Extended Day, Residential/Overnight) to receive the discount! The best part is that this special discount CAN also be combined with other discounts offered by Eurotech®! All Eurotech® requires is a designated "Ambassador" who agrees to help Eurotech® promote the program within their organization via email and/or social media using the provided email template featuring simple instructions and a unique Eurotech® Discount Promo Code! It's EASY and there is NO minimum of how many players need to register! Call 1-800-679-9830 today or use the "Group Discount Request" link below to receive your Unique Discount Promo Code instantly along with a copy-paste email template so everyone in your organization can get registered and saving today!
Q: How does Eurotech® manage small groups and teams?
A: All groups and teams are roomed together and train together upon request. Participating field players from the same team that would like to train together will remain in the same teaching group and goalkeepers train within our specialized Goalkeeper Academy program daily before joining their groups in the afternoon Shooting & Finishing sessions and evening Tournament Matches.
Camp Staff FAQ's
Q: What is the typical ratio of staff to campers?
A: At all Eurotech® camp sessions the overall staff to camper ratio averages approximately 1:8 or better in most cases. This camper to staff ratio refers to all full-time Eurotech® camp staff; Site Directors, Coaching Directors, Staff Coaches, NATA Certified Athletic Trainer and Counselors. This is well above camp industry standards and has been the standard in which other soccer camps have tried to follow! The camper to coaching staff or teaching ratio is typically around 12:1 with the younger age groups and 16:1 or a little higher with the older age groups.    
Q: Is there supervision and security at camp?
A: Eurotech® Camp Staff are on duty 24/7, on the fields, in the dormitories, in the dining center, in the sports center and wherever our campers are present. Eurotech® Counselor(s) also provide additional supervision and support for younger campers and act as role models both on and off the field. Most counselors are accomplished former Eurotech® campers and aspiring college or professional players. Eurotech® campers are NEVER left unsupervised on campus or in the dormitories and camp rules and regulations are to all campers on the first day of camp. All campers are ALWAYS escorted by Eurotech® Camp Staff in between training sessions, to the fields, to the dining center and during evening social activities.  
Campus Security Guards are also available 24/7 and always provide a safe and secure environment throughout the entire camp week. They provide presence nightly in and around our dorms and are in direct communication with our on-site Director on a daily basis.
Q: Who are the camp medical staff? What do they do?
Eurotech® always utilizes the services of an NATA® Certified Athletic Trainer at every site in addition to various other certified medical support staff as per ACA guidelines and pending enrollment numbers. Eurotech® Medical Staff are always on site to offer field coverage as well as being available off the field during designated camp times. The Athletic Trainer will provide any necessary and appropriate treatment and in all cases, parents or guardians will be notified immediately of any serious injuries or illnesses that will keep the camper from participating in camp activities. 
In the rare case of a serious injury needing immediate medical attention, the camper will be taken to the nearest hospital with parents being notified immediately. In the very rare case of a true emergency, it is Eurotech® policy to call 911 immediately. In any event, Eurotech® Medical Staff always have access to campus medical staff as a working relationship with the nearest medical facility. All Eurotech® camp venues are located near a major hospital or medical facility. The well-being and safety of all campers is always our first priority!
Camp Dining FAQ's
Q: Where do the campers eat meals?
A: All meals are served in the on-site campus cafeteria typically located within a short walk from the dormitories or, in some cases, in the same building. Provided meals are abundant with buffet style service and hot/cold entrees daily. Optional drinks & snacks are typically available for purchase throughout the camp week at non-Eurotech® operated locations and vending machines are typically located in the dormitories but NEVER guaranteed to be fully stocked or functional during the week of camp! Overnight campers also enjoy the "Eurotech Pizza Parties" on Tuesday and Thursday night pending camp location and availability! All meals are carefully monitored and supervised by Eurotech® Camp Staff. 
Q: What if my child has Special Dietary needs?
A: Eurotech® is aware that many campers have special dietary needs and may have questions regarding meals served at camp facilities and campuses. Most of our dining centers are well equipped to handle most special dietary needs and Eurotech® is always fully committed to supporting campers who have special diet restrictions. Most of our dining facilities are 100% "Peanut Free" for those with peanut/nut allergies and also have "Gluten Free" options available to campers as well as specialized meals as needed upon request. Eurotech® campers who have specialized dietary needs will need to refer to our National Office for more specific information on each camp location prior to registering for camp for detailed information on what is available and what can be accommodated. 
Any special dietary requests must be made two weeks prior to camp via email at and a Eurotech® Representative will contact you directly to discuss and coordinate with the desired campus dining center. Please note that all campus dining centers may require us to use a different protocol to communicate your needs.
Q: Can campers bring extra snacks and drinks? 
A: Yes, most campers bring extra snacks, sports drinks and bottled water. As mentioned above, most campuses have a campus store available to campers at designated hours of the day and for those sites that do not offer an option, vending machines are typically available in the dormitories or sports center for campers. The popular Eurotech® "Pizza Party" takes place after the evening tournament matches on Tuesday and Thursday nights for our Residential/Overnight campers!
Camp Housing FAQ's
Q: Is there a key deposit? How do I return my room key?
A: A room key deposit of between $25-50 MAY be required at some sites. Please be prepared. The deposit is returned on the last day of camp with return of key. A Key Return process will be established outside of each dormitory or near the "Closing Ceremony" site for the return of room keys. Regardless of whether a key deposit was required, all unreturned room keys will incur a "Lost Key Fee" of between $50-150 per key pending your camp site and will be billed accordingly based on what the facility's lost key fee is. Please note that "Lost Key" fees are NOT associated with Eurotech® and are dictated by the facility iteself.
Q: What are the dormitory rooms like?
A: Campers will be assigned 1-4 per room in modern dormitories with either en-suite bathrooms or community bathrooms featuring private stall showers and toilets on each floor. Boys and girls are ALWAYS placed on separate floors, separate wings or separate dorms altogether pending the facility. Multiple Eurotech® Staff are always placed on each floor and provide supervision and support to all campers.
Q: Can I request a roommate(s)?
A: Yes. All roommate requests must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the start of each camp session. Everything possible will be done to accommodate camper’s requests. However, please note that dorm layouts differ from site to site and may not always allow the possibility of honoring a request based on the requested number of campers in one room. Teams and Groups registering together at the same time must send an official "Group Rooming Request" via email to and our administrator will place campers in the appropriate rooms. 
Eurotech® will always assign age appropriate roommates if requests are not made. Once at the site, no one can change room assignments without permission of the on-site Eurotech® Director as a safety precaution. Please note that the camp facilities can change our dorm assignments up to the last minute, therefore Eurotech® typically cannot provide information regarding specific dorm information and room layouts prior to the start of camp but a general overview is provided under the "Facility Overview" pages on this website and Eurotech® always does it's best in providing updated rooming information upon receiving updates and confirmations from our facilities.
Q: Is my roommate request "Guaranteed"?
A: Yes and No! Honestly, we are unable to 100% “guarantee” roommate requests as dorm layouts differ from site to site, although we typically are able to accomodate 99.9% of requests with great success! As an example and some summer’s seemingly often, we are scheduled to occupy a certain dormitory and at the last minute will be asked to occupy a different dormitory altogether. With the number of beds in each room differing from dormitory to dormitory and from site to site, it is virtually impossible to guarantee room assignments prior to check-in although we do make every effort to fulfill your requests and have always been able to make everybody happy! In some cases, campus fire codes and regulations also prohibit rooming arrangements as originally assigned. Our administrative staff does an incredible amount of work on getting rooming assignments “just right” prior to your arrival and we will always do everything in our power to honor that request if it is not as expected! Patience will play a big part in some cases at your first day camp registration - please always keep in mind we will do the best we can to get you in a room with your friend or teammates or worst case scenario may be in rooms right next to each other.
Q: Can Field Players and Goalkeepers room together?
A: Field Players and Goalkeepers may always room together upon request regardless if they came as friends or teammates. They will be in different teaching groups on the field but if they are the same age, there is a good chance that they will also compete together on the field during different training sessions and tournament play. Goalkeepers who attend with teams will typically join their own team for the tournament matches in the evening and during special sessions involving shooting/finishing or demonstrations. In addition, Field Players and Goalkeepers will always have the opportunity to walk to and from the field together, eat their meals together and socialize.
Q: Can campers do laundry?
A: Yes! Laundry facilities are located in the dorms at each location and designated time will be available to Overnight Campers to wash uniforms but we do not want campers to spend evening time washing clothes every night! Staff typically assist younger campers with laundry in the evenings.
Q: How does Eurotech® manage homesickness?
A: Experience shows that homesickness can be the number one cause of younger camper unhappiness typically in campers aged 8-12. Please discuss with your child ways to alleviate homesickness during the week of camp, such as specific times of the day to speak on the phone or by bringing care packages to them while at camp. Our coaching staff, administrators and camp counselors have experience with homesickness and will do their best to help campers through these situations and will always work with parents directly so that homesickness will not interfere with a positive camp experience. Parents are always welcome to visit their children at camp.
Q: Can Parents/Coaches visit campus?
A: Yes. Parents and coaches are encouraged and welcome to visit the camp at any time. Please stay in the designated areas if observing the training sessions. If visiting during meal times, please be prepared to pay a guest fee for your meal which will typically cost between $10-15 per meal. We ask that you check-in with a Eurotech® Director upon arrival so that we can identify you and your child.
Camp Registration FAQ's
Q: Is there a registration deadline? Do camps sell-out? Is there a waiting list?
A: YES, yes and yes! Most sites that have been established for many years do sell out! Newer Eurotech® sites may take time to get established but Eurotech® will accept applications right up to the start of camp where openings exist. Where needed, we always accept names for a "wait list". ALL CAMP LOCATIONS will adhere to a strict enrollment limit and these limits are typcially posted on camp event pages in the late spring. The enrollment limits are in place to allow Eurotech® to provide the highest quality camp and learning experience possible to our campers and allow for proper camper to staff ratios as staff are recruited months in advance of the camp start date!
Q: Do you offer camp scholarships or fundraising support?
A: Traditional "Scholarships" are NOT offered at this time although we do encourage individuals and teams/groups to utilize the many fundraising programs and web based platforms available online to assist all prospective campers wanting to attend camp! When registering for camp, a deposit plus monthly plan is offered as an option to help spread the cost of camp over time. With our programs, there is NO REASON why anyone can't attend!
Q: Will I receive confirmation after I register my child?
A: Yes. All online registrations will receive an immediate confirmation and payment receipt via email which will direct you to our online based "Confirmation Center" where you can download Medical Forms, Directions to Camp, Player Profiles and more closeer to your camp start date. Confirmation Packets are NEVER mailed out - everything you need will be featured on the website under the GREEN "Confirmation Center" button located at the upper right side of every page on our website! Please call us at 1-800-679-9830 if you have difficulty finding it! You will also receive reminder emails leading up to your camp start date with detailed first day information and the specific on site registration location.
Q: How do I pay the balance on my account?
A: All camp payments are automated and will be paid in full PRIOR to the first day of camp of the current. Any new registrations made after June 1st must be PAID IN FULL at the time of registration. All payments can be made by logging in to the "MY ACCOUNT" link at the top of every webpage and using your unique password and email address. You can always call 1-800-679-9830 and make any required payment adjustments on your account via phone with one of our representatives during normal business hours.
Q: Should I mail my Medical Form to the Eurotech® National Office?
A: NO - Please PHYSICALLY BRING your required Medical Form to camp with you on the first day of camp. You will be required to hand in this form at check-in during registration and you will have the opportunity to meet and speak to our staff if needed about any special medicine requirements or medical situations that we need to be aware of or help administer. Please note that under ACA (American Camping Association) guidelines and as Eurotech® Policy, campers who do not have these forms will NOT be permitted to participate in field sessions until the forms are received and fully completed with proper signatures, insurance information, etc. No doctor signatures or "Physicals" are necessary to attend camp although the Eurotech® Medical Form DOES need to be completed in full by a parent or legal guardian and on file with Eurotech® on the first day of camp!
Q: Do campers need accident or medical insurance?
A: All participants must be properly covered by their own accident/medical insurance and must indicate such coverage by presenting proof of insurance on the Official Eurotech® Medical Release Form. There is inherent risk in soccer training, match play and the natural competitiveness that exists between participating players during the week of camp. All medical bills, regardless of their nature, whether for sickness or injury shall be the responsiblity of the camper/guardian and not Eurotech® Soccer Academy.
Q: What happens if I have to cancel at the last minute?
A: Please see the Eurotech® Refund and Cancellation Policies featured in the “Registration Information” section of the event overview pages.
Camp General FAQ's
Q: How much spending money should a camper bring?
A: Eurotech® DOES NOT utilize a camp bank system and campers are always responsible for any money that they bring. Money for drinks, vending machines and laundry is recommended. Most campus vending and laundry machines now require a credit card loaded app while vending machines typically take cash or card.
Q: Does Eurotech® operate a camp store? 
A: Eurotech® is not a soccer retailer, although there is typically a Eurotech®/Nike® camp store available during the first day of registration to fulfill campers’ official camp uniform equipment needs. You can always purchase all your other soccer equipment via our Official Eurotech® Online Retail Partner 24/7!
Q: Can campers bring electronic devices?
A: Yes, electronic devices are allowed and some campers do indulge in the “comforts of home” while at camp, but we suggest two things to keep in mind: 1) As a camp operator and given the very busy daily schedule, there will be VERY little time to take advantage of these devices and 2) As a parent, perhaps ask yourself honestly if your child can do WITHOUT certain electronic devices for one week? The Eurotech® definition of "electronic devices" may include cell phones, Ipads or tablets, laptops, headphones (Beats®, etc.), Fitbit® watches, jewelry, handheld video games (Nintendo® Switch/Playstation), televisions, etc. Please note that Eurotech® is not liable for loss or theft of a student’s personal property. The easiest way to avoid issues is to not bring valuable electronic items to camp.
Q: Are cell phones allowed at camp? 
Providing campers with cell phones at camp is permissible, however, cell phone use will not be permitted during lecture sessions, field sessions or camp meetings. Most campers bring cell phones to camp as dormitories are no longer equipped with pay phones, however, there will always be access to staff cell phones and a general use Eurotech® cell phone for emergency purposes 24/7. Cell phone use is limited to camper’s rooms and neutral areas of campus only. Please note that Eurotech® will NOT be responsible for misplaced or stolen cell phones and will NOT be responsible for any inappropriate content viewed on camper cell phones or other electronic devices.
Q: What if my son/daughter wears eyeglasses? Is wearing a cast? 
A: All campers that wear eyeglasses are encouraged to wear protective sport goggles during every session. In the event that your child is dealing with a pre-existing medical issue that may effect his level of participation at camp or his/her general comfort, please take the time to speak to our Medical Staff on the first day of camp registration with these and any additional medical related questions or concerns.
Q: Can my child be sent home?
A: Players come to Eurotech® Soccer Academy programs to learn soccer. All policies of the facility and Eurotech® will be strictly enforced. No camper may leave the camp or facility at any time without parental consent and the drinking of alcoholic beverages, smoking, drug use, foul language, possession of any type of firearm or weapon will result in automatic and immediate expulsion from camp with no exceptions or second chances! Parents will be notified of any violations and be asked to pick-up their son/daughter immediately. NO REFUNDS will be made.
Q: Can my child drive to camp?
A: Older campers may opt to drive their own cars to camp. In these cases, keys must be turned in to a Eurotech® Site Director each day of camp for the entire time spent at camp unless prior arrangements have been made with Eurotech®. For liability reasons, there will be no exceptions to this rule!

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