Welcome to the Eurotech Career Center


Thank you for your interest in working with our organization. We are delighted that you are considering joining our soccer education program and we look forward to the possibility of working with you. As a prospective member of staff, you are an extremely important part of the total camp program. Your effort and expertise enables camp participant’s to learn and enjoy soccer in the most exciting, challenging camp environment in the country!

Eurotech Soccer Academies Inc. is a privately held company encompassing Community, Residential and International Camps as well as a separate division and company providing International Soccer Tours and Sports Tours to Europe, South America, South Africa and Australia. This company represents some of the most prestigious youth soccer tournaments and professional training centers in the world. All of these divisions and services make up the world of Eurotech International Soccer.

It’s always amazing to see each year how effective the variety of international coaching styles are to our camp programs. Although the use of a constantly evolving camp curriculum is utilized, your diverse background in the game will contribute to the overall success of our nationally recognized soccer training programs. What really seems to make our academies work is your passion for soccer and the love of teaching youngsters!

In addition, the soccer clubs, YMCA’s, Parks & Recreation programs, Universities, High Schools and Private Schools that host our camps evaluate the quality of our programs based on your ability to coach and manage the camp. Because Eurotech® business depends on good relationships with the host organizations, we depend on you, the administrative and coaching staff, to do the best job possible.

Each year our programs have grown and improved. More and more campers are returning year after year and are bringing friends and teammates with them. This continued growth is due to the quality and dedication of our entire summer camp staff - from Directors, Athletic Trainers, Counselors and Coaches! The professional manner and commitment that you make when working with and teaching young players while representing Eurotech® is an integral part of our organization.

The Eurotech Career Center was created to help you learn more about the company as well as help you decide if a seasonal or full-time career with Eurotech® is right for you as well as provide you with some useful information regarding joining the Eurotech® Team. I hope you find it helpful as you review the many links to the left!    

If you have any further questions or concerns about joining the Eurotech® Team, please feel free to contact us at any time!

We are currently seeking to build the finest global network of soccer education professionals in the industry. Based upon this, our primary mission is to attract, develop, motivate and retain the best people for the Eurotech® Team!

Company Overview
The Eurotech Mission

Founded in 1990, Eurotech® is North America’s #1 Camp & Tour Company and a nationally recognized leader in soccer education. Eurotech® is one of the fastest growing and most sought after soccer camp operators in the country for it’s variety of intensive programs for youth players and coaches of all ages and ability levels. Eurotech® Community, Team, Residential and International soccer camps are conducted weekly throughout the summer in over 20 states and in various European locations. Eurotech® camp programs focus on successful soccer skills for players, coaches and parents; all in a challenging and exciting environment. Eurotech® stakes it’s reputation on professional coaching and first class service to thousands of children worldwide.

The highlight of Eurotech® camp programs are the staff. Staff members include collegiate, national and international coaches, players, administrators and athletic trainers. Eurotech® professional coaches are nationally certified by the United States Soccer Federation (USSF), National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA®) or through various international soccer associations. Athletic trainers are certified nationally through the National Athletic Training Association (NATA) and appropriate state associations.

As a valued Eurotech® staff member, you willl have the opportunity to influence and develop young bodies and minds. It is a fun and rewarding opportunity while the primary goals of Eurotech® staff are as follows:

1. Develop soccer skills in each and every camper

2. Create a fun, dynamic soccer instructional experience

3. Build self-esteem in each and every camper

4. Develop camper social skills

To learn more about the company please continue to explore our website.

Note from The National Coaching Director
Firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff who worked extremely hard to make the 2011 summer such a success for Eurotech®-North America’s #1 Camp & Tour Company. Since the summer ended we have all been working very hard to further improve the staff program and I am excited about what lies ahead for next season! I also want to inform you about our upcoming "relaunched" website at www.eurotechsocceracademy.com where you can find even more information about the world of Eurotech®. Please take a look at the Career Center where you can find everything you need about summer seasonal coaching opportunities, traineeships/internships and full-time licensing opportunities. With the help of the soon to be released new website we hope to make the whole Eurotech® experience even better in 2012.
This coming year I am launching an exciting new business concept and an opportunity for coaches nationwide to partner with us through our new "Official Licensing Program". The entire Eurotech® team and myself are already working hard to make 2012 the best summer that the company has been able to offer. For this to happen, we have to maintain our distinguished summer staff and now "Licensee" recruitment process. For the 2012 season, I will be searching for highly experienced national and international soccer coaches for our licensee program as well as our nationwide residential academies. These select individuals must be pro-active in nature and have the motivation to succeed during an exciting and very rewarding summer.
Currently, our team is updating and improving the Eurotech® staff database and recruitment processes to help recruit the best coaches available. To enable us to have to most accurate contact information available I will need as much current information as possible since you last were in contact with Eurotech®.  It would very much appreciated if you could keep us updated if there have been any changes to your personal contact information.
As always, I look forward to growing with you in 2012!
Yours in Soccer,
Jim Risher
National Coaching Director


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