Staff Development

Eurotech® Coaching Education System
The Eurotech® Camp Coaching Modules were developed as a "Continuing Education" program for experienced soccer coaches aspiring to further enhance their understanding of youth soccer players and to enhance their coaching techniques in an instructional camp environment. Ongoing practical sessions and theory workshops throughout the summer will lead Eurotech® Staff Coaches to discover the unique psychological and physiological characteristics of children aged 7-18 years and enable them to apply the knowledge through experiential learning on the field and in focus groups in the classroom.

The Eurotech® Camp Coaching Modules combine conceptual teaching and practical application. All coaches participate in 4 weeks of age appropriate practical field sessions; Performance Soccer 1 (7-8 year olds), Performance Soccer 2 (9-10 year olds), Performance Soccer 3 (11-12 year olds), Performance Soccer 4 (13-14 year olds), Performance Soccer 5 (15-18 year olds), and Team Training (9-18 year olds) as well as coaching theory workshops. The candidates are required to complete written coaching plans accessing their knowledge and understanding of organizing a training session throughout the camp weeks and Associate Coaching Director sessions are observed throughout the week. 

The education and training of staff is fundamental to the continued success of Eurotech®. All Eurotech® coaches are trained in the unique coaching and educational philosophies that have been developed from years of research and development by Eurotech® Founder and National Coaching Director, Jim Risher.

Throughout the summer coaching program, ALL Eurotech® coaches receive over 180 hours of intensive training that includes:

The NCC License is a 200-hour course comprised of both classroom and practical field sessions over the course of five weeks and will be conducted by Eurotech® National Coaching Staff. Successful completion of the course includes official license status and the Eurotech® National Camp Coaching Manual is included.

The NSCAA® is the largest and oldest soccer coaching organization in the United States and Canada with now over 30,000 members and growing. Click on this link to learn more about the NSCAA®.   

Coaching Resource Materials
All Eurotech® coaching staff will also receive various coaching resource materials as part of the overall Eurotech® summer coaching program. Coaching materials include the Eurotech® Coaching Manual, Eurotech® Camp Management Manual and various coaching handouts throughout the weeks.

American Red Cross® Sport Safety Training
The American Red Cross® and the United States Olympic Committee have joined forces with Eurotech® to provide an exciting Sport Safety training course to provide all Eurotech® coaches with the basic first aid skills and knowledge needed to care for athletic injuries in a camp environment. This 7-8 hour course will feature classroom and video instruction and includes a reference book and workbook to be used during the coursework. Topics will include sports-related injury prevention, first aid care, adult CPR and child CPR. All Eurotech® coaches will need to pass a written exam and also a practical CPR exam during the Eurotech® Staff Symposium.

Coach Mentorship Program
The popular Eurotech® Coach Mentorship Program is another step in the staff development process that involves partnering first year staff with established Associate Coaching Director’s during camp weeks. All camp programs are assigned an experienced Eurotech® Coaching Director who oversees the coaching, runs the camp, and liases with the Eurotech® National Office and the local Eurotech® Regional Director. This encourages growth, learning and future Eurotech® leaders while encouraging cultural awareness among Eurotech® coaching staff.  

International Coaches Forum
The Eurotech® International Coaches Forum enables Eurotech® staff to observe practical field sessions conducted by select Eurotech® Associate Directors and international guest coaches from all over the world throughout the weeks of coaching. The on-site Eurotech® Coaching Director will typically select experienced professional staff coaches or guest coaches to present a group session for the entire camp. This popular forum encourages staff to share the philosophies and training sessions of professional youth clubs and academy programs.

Networking Opportunities
Eurotech® is a society of professional soccer coaches from all over the world. Networking among staff is encouraged and supported by Eurotech®. Although never guaranteed, many Eurotech® coaches have gained part or full-time employment with Eurotech® or at soccer clubs, colleges and various sports organizations throughout North America through involvement with Eurotech® programs.

Eurotech® Soccer Coaching Externship Program
The Soccer Coaching Externship Program is another exclusive program founded by Eurotech® created for those international coaches who are currently enrolled in a Physical Education, Sports Science, Sports Coaching or other sports related university program. The emphasis of study must be on soccer coaching specifically and candidates must have a strong coaching and playing background in combination with an excellent academic record. Eurotech® will work closely with your academic advisors to ensure that you receive academic credit towards your degree program while you are enrolled in our 4-week Soccer Cultural Exchange Program. Call Eurotech® for further details.

Eurotech® Camp Management Diploma (4-week program)
The Eurotech® Camp Management Diploma is another exclusive part of the Eurotech® Coaching Education System. It is held in conjunction with the annual Eurotech® Staff Symposium and ongoing throughout the 4-week summer program. It has been an integral part of the company’s success over the years. Staff development is Eurotech’s number one priority and this comprehensive management course will cover topics like camp administration, camp management principles, camp etiquette & public relations, camp operations, camp guidelines & policies and risk management in a soccer camp setting. This progressive 4-week course takes place daily while at camp  mainly classroom oriented and will include the exclusive Eurotech® Camp Management Manual.        

Eurotech® National Camp Coaching License (4-Week Course-160 Teaching Hours)
The Eurotech® National Camp Coaching License is already a highly recognized teaching credential specific to the soccer camp industry and Eurotech® has created the standards by which other camps are held in this four week licensing program. Slowly being recognized by U.S. based coaching organizations like the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA®) and many other international coaching associations, the introduction and outline to the NCC License and certification will be introduced at the annual Eurotech® Staff Symposium in July and is presented after successful completion of the globally reknown 4-week Eurotech® Summer Coaching Program. This prestigious coaching credential was created by Eurotech® National Coaching Director and Founder, Jim Risher and his team of International and National Director’s over the course of 22 years experience in the soccer education industry. The NCC License is the first and only camp coaching teaching credential offered in the world and is a Eurotech® exclusive!

Staff Symposium
Annual Staff Workshop Overview

The highlight of the Eurotech® staff development program is the annual Eurotech® International Staff Symposium, a combined orientation and workshop event created for all Eurotech® summer staff.

This 1-2 day event is typically held at a local university or private school and is comprised of the following:

1. Welcome and Opening Orientation
2. Introduction to the Eurotech® Camp Management Diploma™ (4-week program)
3. Introduction to the Eurotech® National Camp Coaching License™ (4-week program)
4. Introduction to the Eurotech® International Coaches Forum
5. American Red Cross® Sport Safety Training and certification
6. American Red Cross® Adult & Child CPR training and certification
7. Practical Demonstrations by Eurotech® Associate Coaching Directors
8. Practical Coaching Assessments and Evaluations
9. Theoretical clasroom workshops on topics such as coaching theory, child development, roles and responsibilities, etc.
10. Introduction to the Eurotech® Coaching Educational System

Eurotech® strives to constantly improve the coaching abilities of each and every coach within the program and the success of Eurotech® is directly attributable to the quality of staff recruited for the program. Eurotech® places our staff in a positive developmental environment, which promotes growth both on and off the soccer field. All Eurotech® coaching staff undergo a mandatory orientation and ongoing training prior to stepping on to the field as part of their contractual commitment to Eurotech®. The popular Eurotech® Symposium is not only an opportunity for new coaches to gain a greater insight of what is expected of them throughout their summer program, but also allows them to meet returning, experienced coaches and full-time staff in a social environment.  

Please note that all costs associated with airport shuttles, coaching resource materials, certifications, accommodations, meals and social events during the Eurotech Symposium are covered by Eurotech®.

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