Pro Staff Testimonials
What the Pros are saying about Eurotech
“Eurotech® is a wonderful camp and a great place to improve skills and excel in soccer! This program can certainly help students gain confidence and composure on and off the field.”
Janusz Michallik, Former U.S. National Team Member, MLS & MISL Pro Player, ESPN Soccer Commentator 
“Eurosport is proud and excited to be associated with America’s #1 Soccer Camp & Tour Company! There is no better place to learn the game and excel in soccer!”
Durward Williams, National Soccer Marketing Director, Sports Endeavors Inc. & Eurosport 
“Without question, Eurotech® has created the most exciting camp experience in America. I highly recommend America’s #1 Soccer Camp to players who want to get to the next level.”
Abdul Thompson Conteh, Former Professional Player MLS D.C. United & Mexican 1st Division
“This is by far the best youth soccer training program in America!”
Pauline McDonald, Former Captain, Scottish National Team, Professional Player
“Eurotech® is one of the most professionally run camps in the country. They provide a first class camp experience that cannot be missed! I’ve worked with Jim for many years and you won’t find a more professional individual!”
Dr. Martin Kramar, Slovakian FA, Former Academy Coach MSK Zilina (Professional Slovakian Club), Former Technical Director, Old Dominion Soccer Club, Former Professional Player, Certified Sports Psychologist 
“The strength of the Eurotech® program is in this magical combination of national and international staff and the different methods of teaching that they bring to the table. It creates an incredible learning environment.”
Andy Dallas, Former Scottish Internationalist and Pro Player with Dundee United F.C. 
“If you are serious about playing soccer, whether club, high school, or collegiate then you cannot miss the opportunity to attend this camp. Eurotech® will definitely give you the competitive edge!”   
Charlie Kadupski, President of The Sport Source, Inc., USSF National Coaching Staff & Editorial Board, Former professional player in the NASL, MISL and ASL
“The passion that Eurotech® coaches bring to the camp is a reflection of their passion and love of teaching the world’s most popular sport to youngsters!”
Steve Burton, English FA, Former Academy Coach West Ham United F.C., England 
“Eurotech® programs are the perfect pre-season training opportunity for any college bound player!”
Doug Mello, Head Coach Hendrix College, Former Professional Coach EISL Tallahassee Scorpions
“Eurotech® Soccer Academies are outstanding! The program teaches younger players the proper fundamentals and refines skills in older more experienced players. I’ve worked with Jim for years and there is no one who can teach you the camp business better than him!”
Dez McAleenan, MLS New York Red Bulls Goalkeeper Coach, Former Pro Player, Ireland and USL  
“Eurotech® is a strong program and from the players that I’ve seen come over after working with Jim I think there are a few things that we can learn from Eurotech® and vice versa!”
Jez George, Managing Director & Academy Director, Cambridge City Football Club, England 
“Eurotech® is a wonderful place to learn soccer and enhance skills.”
Jose Luis Cruz, 1971 Player of the Year Columbia, Columbian National Team Member
“The technical training methods provided by Eurotech® were first class. This is the ideal way for players to really develop. I highly recommend Eurotech®!”
John Chisholm, Former Coach, A-League Nashville Metros
“SGA is a world leader in goalkeeper education. It is important that we are associated with the highest in quality soccer education and this is why I fully endorse Eurotech®. Jim Risher’s enthusiasm and passion is contagious!”
Dan Gaspar, SGA Founder, Former Portuguese National Team Goalkeeper Coach, USL Coach, MLS New York Metro Stars, J-League Grampus Eight, Former Head Coach, University of Hartford
"Eurotech® is the most professional soccer camp organization I’ve worked with and I’ve worked with many. Jim is a fantastic coach that knows how to engage his students and only seems to employ coaches who share his enthusiasm for teaching the game of soccer - I highly recommend any player to join the Eurotech® family!" 
Carrie Serwetnyk, President & Publisher of Freekick Soccer Magazine (Canada’s Fastest growing soccer magazine!), Former Canadian National Team Player, Former Professional Player in France & Japan, First woman to be inducted into the Canadian Soccer Hall of Fame, Former Player with University of North Carolina under Anson Dorrance     
Camp Staff Testimonials
What Current & Former Staff Are Saying

“I would like to thank the Eurotech® team for enabling me to work with them this year. It has been the greatest experience of my life and I have enjoyed it all! I have learned a lot from working with different coaches and have improved in my coaching skills. Once again, thank you for having me and I would love to do the Eurotech® summer again.”
Stephen Enright, Staff Coach, Ireland
“I have been coaching in the U.S. with Eurotech® for the past 3 summers now and every summer has been a bit different. The families, the other coaches and Eurotech® have always treated me real well! I’ve also had the chance to see some great cities like Chicago, New Orleans, St. Louis, Milwaukee and more! My English speaking skills have gained some points and I’ve learned about coaching from a different perspective - I’ve also collected training sessions from all over the world thanks to Eurotech® and now use them in my own country. The other coaches were just awesome and the best feeling of all is at the end of camp as players demonstrate a new taste for the game. Thank you Eurotech®, I really did enjoy it!"
Miguel Arpon, Staff Coach, Spain
"Since I last came over to the U.S. with Eurotech®, I have endeavoured to become the best possible coach and educator I can possibly be. I would like to thank you for inspiring me in my first two summers of coaching in the US! I am now a UEFA ‘B’ Licence coach and I have my final assessment for my UEFA ‘A’ licence in Wales in June. I have worked at Watford Academy for the last 18 months where I am now head coach of the U12’s team. I have been teaching Physical Education at one of the top 20 Independent schools for the last three years in London where I have been coaching with top class coaches who previously worked at Fulham FC and are also UEFA A licence coaches. Having spent two enjoyable summers with Eurotech® in the States I have always wanted to head back to the states and coach at the highest level either in the MLS or ideally in the college system. I am prepared to work through the college system as an graduate assistant studying towards a masters in Sports Physiology but would ideally look to go into the college system at the highest possible level."
Arthur Brammer, Staff Coach, UK
“Just writing to say thanks and that the entire Eurotech® experience was extremely enjoyable and educational. I have learned a great deal from many different people and I am currently trying to get some jobs coaching kids back in the UK. It is definitely something I would like to do again. All the best and take it easy!”
Ben Pieniazek, Staff Coach, UK
“It was a fantastic time, every day of it! I want to thank you and everybody else who was involved last summer. Thank you for the great and well organized introduction week. I learned so much. Thank you for the opportunity you gave to me, it really opened my eyes! I don’t lie when I say that those six weeks made me a more complete person!”
Daan van Weerd, Staff Coach, Netherlands
“…Thanks so much for allowing me the opportunity to work with you at Eurotech®. I enjoyed my internship, and feel it was a great experience. I am positive it will help me in the future. I already miss the camaraderie that was formed and the friendships made…”
Abbie Utberg, Sports Management Intern, Michigan
“I just wanted to say a great "Thanks!" for the usmmer and the experience with Eurotech®. From the word go - I enjoyed every single moment that I spent in America and I learned a great deal from the people which I worked with, not only footballing wise but on a personal scale too, this I thought was fantastic!”
Dan Jones, Staff Coach, UK
“I enjoyed your program very well. I was happy and proud to be a part of Eurotech®!”
Antoni Faccenda, Staff Coach, Belgium
“I enjoyed the program very much. I improved as a coach and a person and had some great experiences.”
Leon van de Bosch, Staff Coach, Netherlands
“I want to say to you that my first year at Eurotech® was my best experience in my life! You were the best Director I ever worked with!”
Maurice Zieleman, Staff Coach, Netherlands
“Many thanks for the e-mail over Christmas, coming over to the US with Eurotech® was the real pinnacle for me last year! Working for yourself and among the other coaches was just superb, I really haven’t enjoyed 6 weeks quite like that before. I am certain that completing the National Camp Coaching course with Eurotech® has spurred me onto bigger and better things, as I am now completing my UEFA B with the David Beckham Academy so again I must thank yourself and Eurotech®.”
Chris Kearns, Staff Coach, UK
“Thank you and everyone else at Eurotech® once again for an amazing summer! Since being involved with your Sports Cultural Exchange Program last summer, I am now working with Aberdeen Football Club here in Scotland 2 hours a week but it is a great start to my football coaching career – hopefully it will lead to something more permanent. I definately miss America!”
Robert Bartlett, Staff Coach, Scotland 
“…the opportunity with Eurotech® kind of gave me the drive to continue my work in football after the experience in 2001 and I will always thank you for that opportunity!”
Gavin Levey, Academy Director, Aberdeen Football Club, Scotland

"Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you this summer, I had a fantastic time. I am sure you will get an influx of applications from my coaching friends when they hear my stories!"
Steve Pigott, Staff Coach, UK

"I have just started working with another ex-professional called Lee Glover. Previous clubs, I think are Nottingham Forest and Leicester and several other league clubs. I have also been phoned up by a guy at Oxford United who is currently playing at the moment asking if I want to open up a coaching school in my area. Most of these opportunities have come about due to me going to America with Eurotech® and the word getting around about me. So I thank you for the opportunity again!"
Stuart McClarty, Staff Coach, Scotland

"In December I got the chance to coach of Cercle Bruges (age U10 national A) in Belgium and am having a fantastic time! I really had a good time last year and I’ll never forget the experience with Eurotech® - I want to thank you for that. Last summer was my best summer ever!"
Diego Vandewalle, Staff Coach, Belgium

"Even if my time spent with Eurotech® Soccer Camps was so short, all the memories I have about this wonderful experience are still vivid in my mind. I had a blast and I would give everything in this world to be able to work again with you guys!"
Decebal Rosu, Staff Coach, Romania

"Jim, it was an absolute pleasure and most enjoyable experience in my life ever working with you this past summer. A million words of thanks is not enough for what Eurotech® did for me this year. I look forward to hearing from you in the New Year. I have already booked onto my next level of courses through the SFA for next year so hopefully everything will work out well with dates and all going well 2008 is another successful year for all of us. Thanks again for everything!"
Robert Bartlett, Staff Coach, UK

"Eurotech® has truly been one of the best experiences I have had and believe to say Eurotech® is just a soccer education company is an understatement. Throughout the summer, being with everyone 24/7 it was more like a family. I hope you are proud of what you have become and look forward to next summer SO much! It’s hard to find a "job" that you wake up excited to go to but I already am and it’s not even application time. I run into kids all around the area at different tournaments and games all the time who are wearing Eurotech® T-Shirts and even recognize me and still talk about it!"
Carrie Rojek, Sports Management Intern, Illinois

"Last year I made the good choice to be an active staff member on the Eurotech® summer camp & tours. I played soccer for all my life and wanted to experience something new. A friend of mine, and former Eurotech® staff member, advised me to apply for Eurotech®. I was accepted and so my journey began for a fantastic summer in the States. The chance to combine a stay in the States, visiting five different states, practice my English, meeting new people and learning from a different culture in once is a fantastic opportunity! Each week I was welcomed by a new host family whom made my stay very enjoyable. The training sessions went terrific as I noticed technical and tactical improvement as well as an increasment in the level of joy playing the game. To be a part of so many children having fun on the field, in a nice, sunny environment, was a fantastic experience! Even more considering the bad weather in Europe! I had a fantastic summer and I am sure the summers to come will be even better!"
Daan Krijger, Staff Coach, Netherlands

“Working and living with a multicultural team of experts is fantastic! Every year Eurotech brings in trainees from all over the world and provides them with a high level of knowledge and expertise in the world of soccer. Working with Eurotech has been a great experience for me! I’m really proud to be part of a great international soccer organization!”
Ommar Jager, Holland - International Trainee
“The Eurotech Trainee Program is a unique opportunity for any recent university graduate to gain invaluable real work experience. The Program has enabled me to build strong inter-personal skills, allowing me to communicate more effectively and build successful rapport with both clients and other members of staff. In addition, I have the ability to multi-task effectively and work within a fast-paced environment while meeting strict deadlines. Furthermore, I feel that I have gained considerable experience regarding the knowledge, process and procedures of the sports marketing industry. Overall this program has enabled me to build on the necessary capabilities to be a successful and valuable asset to any organization.”
PJ Savage, Scotland - International Trainee
“Eurotech offers an incredible traineeship which allows you to gain experience in the sports marketing industry. You gain an in-depth understanding of the industry and how it operates, as well as the various tools you need to become accomplished in this modern and energetic organization. The program offers a variety of skill sets and training methodology, the practical experience will stand you in good for the future, and gives you and excellent grounding in modern business techniques.”
Chris Campbell, England- International Trainee
“Eurotech has helped me gain valuable real world work experience in an industry that I am so passionate about. This type of program is a must for all graduates who are looking for that first step into the business world and into a career in the sports industry. Working in a multicultural environment in another country has helped me increase and build upon my own skills and personal abilities that will definitely help me in future endeavors.”
Matthew Fitchett, England - International Trainee
“Working as a Trainee for Eurotech in 2006, I had the opportunity to broaden my knowledge of youth soccer here in the United States. I got to experience first hand the work involved not only to set up camps, but what it takes for a soccer club to function. This also gave me great opportunities to see travel around the country and see other states I haven’t see before, whilst also improving my people skills, whilst talking about something I love. Having a chance to talk about a passion all day cannot get a chance to be anymore enjoyable!”
Fikile Khali, Wales - International Trainee
"Traveling to and teaching children in the States was a dream come true for me. I had a great opportunity to work in many of America’s States - some of which include Virginia, Wisconsin, Iowa and Louisiana. I can now reflect back on my unique experiences in each of these places and know I have learnt so much and had the opportunity to meet some very friendly and welcoming people, some of which I am still in contact with. I had a truly fantastic summer coaching the game I love and helping others learn from my experiences of playing and coaching in Europe. In addition to the campers and families I had the pleasure of meeting, the other Eurotech® coaches and staff passed on to me some of their knowledge and experiences, which propelled me, one year later, to pursue a soccer scholarship whilst studying for my Masters in Connecticut for two years."
Kieron Jennings, Staff Coach, UK
“Working with Eurotech has been a fantastic endeavor to work and travel throughout the USA! It taught me the way soccer is perceived in another continent and I am very grateful that Eurotech gave me this opportunity that has been so important in my current career in the great game of soccer!”
Patrick Barbier, Holland - International Trainee
“Through Eurotech I have been able to gain a lot of different perspectives about the game, because I have worked with so many different nationalities.”
Sander Claasen, Holland - Former International Trainee & Current International Coaching Director

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