Staff Opportunities
Different Ways to Work with Eurotech

International Based Coaches
Under the direction of a Eurotech® National Coaching Director, Associate Director or designated Camp Director, the Eurotech® Staff Coach has the responsibility for organizing, leading and teaching all training sessions as well as creating a first class environment for campers with their safety and fun as a first priority. The Eurotech® Staff Coach will provide leadership on the field as well as off the field. The Eurotech® Staff Coach is responsible for controlling their assigned teaching group in addition to setting expectations and consequences for campers while creating a positive learning environment. In addition, the Eurotech® Staff Coach will be responsible for providing a written evaluation for each player’s performance at the end of each week. Summer Camp Coaches travel to the USA the first week in July and participate in a 4-week cultural exchange program, typically returning to the United Kingdom or Europe mid-August. International coaches always have the option to stay in the country to travel or visit friends and family within the provided work visa departure dates.      

U.S. Based Coaches
As soccer has grown significantly within the U.S. over the past decade, Eurotech® has continually searched for high quality American coaches as well as international coaches already living and working in the U.S. for both its summer work program as well as full-time positions in the U.S. Each year an increasing number of U.S. based staff are recruited to work with Eurotech® programs. Former professional players, club directors and college coaches make up the majority of the U.S. based staff, but anyone with a proven ability to coach, teach and play the game can apply. Please note that any international players or coaches who are already living and/or working in the U.S. will be considered independent contractors and receive a 1099 form at the end of the summer program for tax purposes and will be classed as "U.S. Coaches".

Working with Eurotech® can provide a great opportunity for U.S. coaches to travel and work in different parts of the country as well as meeting, working and learning from other professional coaches from all over the United Kingdom and Europe.

Minimum Requirements
Eurotech® offers several different summer work opportunities in the U.S. that cater to experienced camp administrators and qualified soccer coaches who are looking to further develop their coaching skills and gain a unique and exciting cultural summer work experience in the U.S. 

As an organization of camp administrators and professional soccer educators, Eurotech® requires ALL staff members with the following minimum requirements:

Mandatory minimum age of 21
Mastery of the English language
Mandatory 100% Clean Criminal Background Report
Passion and love for the game of soccer
Experience in teaching/coaching/working with children
Mandatory National or international coaching licensure and/or certifications
Preferred completion of/or current enrollment in Physical Education, Sports Coaching or related academic/study programs
Mandatroy playing experience at University, semi-professional or professional levels
Mandatory energetic, dynamic, enthusiastic and positive personality
Clean, professional appearance
Passion & love for teaching & playing the game of soccer

In addition to the minimum qualifications, ALL Eurotech® coaching staff must possess the:

Ability to understand the objectives of specific curricula and games
Ability to understand how children develop and learn
Ability to plan and organize class content
Ability to work with children of all ages and abilities
Ability to motivate and engage children in activities
Ability to give good clear explanation of activities
Ability to give good demonstrations of activities
Ability to deal effectively with inappropriate behavior without alienating the child
Ability to adapt quickly if sessions are not going well
Ability to make children smile and laugh
Ability to recognize and appreciate individual differences in children
Ability to challenge children
Ability to teach appropriate values in children

International Staff Program Inclusions
What to Expect from Eurotech

Eurotech® offers the ONLY soccer-specific Sports Cultural Exchange Program for international coaches in North America! This globally recognized soccer coaching program features generous stipend packages based on staff qualifications and experience. In addition to a once in a lifetime opportunity to coach youth soccer and travel in the United States, selected International Eurotech® staff members also enjoy the following benefits:

1. Gain coaching experience with a world recognized soccer education organization
2. Extensive travel throughout the U.S. with other national, collegiate & international coaches
3. Generous weekly stipend based upon experience and qualifications 
4. Earn academic college credit via our exclusive externship program  
5. Opportunity to enhance your coaching skills with hundreds of children (200+ teaching hours!)
6. Cultural experience with international coaches from all over the world
7. Opportunity to be outdoors in the summer season
8. Making a difference in children’s lives

Eurotech® International Staff Program INCLUDES:
1. Domestic airport round trip shuttle service (Eurotech® designated and approved airports only)
2. Generous weekly stipend
3. Payroll administration   
4. J-1 Visa processing & administration services
5. SEVIS processing fees and mandatory government reporting services
6. Medical liability insurance for the entire program
7. Academic College Credit Program administration services (upon request)
8. Domestic room & board throughout entire program (Meals in between camp sessions are NOT included)
9. Inclusion in Eurotech® International Staff Symposium
10. Full room & board at Annual Eurotech® Orientation/Symposium
11. Inter-camp transportation while in the United States
12. Coaching Reference & Resource Materials
13. Eurotech® International Coaches Forum
14. Worldwide networking opportunities
15. Eurotech® Camp Management Diploma™ (4-week course)
16. Eurotech® National Camp Coaching License™ (4-week placement = approximately 180+ teaching hours)
17. Eurotech® Exchange Program Completion of Program Certificate (upon request for school/club)
18. American Red Cross® Sports Safety Certification (Pending Arrival Dates)
19. Exclusive Coach Mentoring Program
20. adidas® Apparel & Coaching Equipment Kit ($499 Value!) 
21. Variety of weekly recreational/social activities

Eurotech® International Staff Program DOES NOT INCLUDE:
Prior to Departure:
1. Round trip airfare from Europe & administration services
2. All airline departure taxes and fuel surcharges
3. Interview and pre-departure orientation travel costs (if applicable)
4. Travel cost to the Mandatory American Embassy Interview
5. Fee for obtaining valid Passport (if applicable)
6. Embassy Interview Fee (Varies per country - approximately US$125-150)
7. Travel costs to your Eurotech® designated departing gateway
8. Mandatory Criminal Background Check fees (if applicable)

During the Exchange Program:
1. Entering the U.S. with a minumum of $500 (U.S. Dollars) recommended by Eurotech® to start the exchange program.
2. Medical insurance co-pay expenses incurred while in the U.S. (If applicable)
3. Any existing/living expenses incurred in country of origin – example - mortgages, child support, credit cards, student loans, etc.

Conclusion of Exchange Program:
1. Any travel costs involved with returning to departure city in U.S. at conclusion of last week of camp
2. Any personal travel costs after Exchange Program completion date – ie- rental cars, etc.
3. Flight change fees of approximately $150-250 for program extension (if applicable)

Invited former Eurotech® staff WILL have to re-apply due to changes in our application and visa requirements. An Official Eurotech® Staff Invitation will determine whether you are eligible for the Summer Sports Cultural Exchange Program. If you haven’t already done so, any interested former staff will need to contact the Eurotech® Administrative Team as soon as possible to be placed on an interview list. As always, positions for qualified returning staff will be placed on a first come, first serve basis. 90% of all summer staff positions will be filled by May 1 of teh current year and on an as needed basis from June-August. Eurotech® has received quite a few staff applications to date and will be scheduling interviews every day for those qualified potential staff.

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