What's Next?

STEP 1 - Online Application
Complete the online application. A Eurotech ® representative will email and/or call you within 48-72 hours pending the time of year. After April 1 of the current year, Staff signings will be taken on an as needed application. An online application is mandatory for all staff and no interviews will be granted without receipt. You will receive an instant email confirmation after submitting the application to confirm safe receipt from the Eurotech® National Office.

STEP 2 - Interview
Many of our staff are referred to us by former staff, Eurotech® Coaching Directors and International Staff Agents/Agencies throughout the world. The Eurotech National Office will receive upwards of 500 applications per year and does it’s best to communicate with all candidates. During the late spring season, Eurotech will conduct live interviews or telephone interviews with prospective staff who meet Eurotech® minumum requirements. Those with current professional coaching experience will typically be interviewed first. Your data is always entered into our system and kept as a reference for future hiring needs and you are automatically added to our Career e-newsletter list which will update you periodically with any opportunities that arise here in the U.S.   

STEP 3:  Staff Agreement
After successful interviews and reference checks have taken place, you will receive via email your official Eurotech® Staff Agreement which must be signed and returned immediately. Staff Agreements not signed and returned within 72 hours will be considered null and void and Eurotech will proceed with filling the position with another suitable candidate.

STEP 4:  Work Visa Processing (International Staff Only!)
Eurotech® provides and pays for all work visa administration and processing, but all international staff members are expected to meet submission deadlines of all information to the required standards! The process is 100% electronic and only applicants with Eurotech® Staff Agreements will receive a confirmation email with specific visa processing instructions.

STEP 5: Supporting Documents/Eurotech® Medical Form
Submit, sign and return Eurotech® Medical Form via email. (All Staff)

STEP 6: Supporting Documents/Copy of Passport
Submit scanned copy of current Passport. (International Staff Only!)

STEP 7:  Supporting Documents/Criminal Background Check
Submit mandatory Criminal Background documents (translated in English). U.S. based staff must be registered with USSF, NSCAA or equivalent Coaching/Teaching Organizations and be in good standing. A letter from said organization will need to be provided by ALL U.S. based Staff will need to be on file with the Eurotech® National Office. Call Eurotech® with any questions in regards to mandatory Criminal Background Checks for all staff.   

STEP 8:  International Staff Guide
All international staff will receive a highly informative web-based International Staff Guide which will cover topics in regards to being placed with Eurotech® and traveling in the U.S.

STEP 9: Embassy Interview
After receipt of the Official DS-2019 Form via Express Mail, you must schedule an American Embassy Interview. Detailed instructions concerning this process will be forwarded via email.

STEP 10: Transportation/Flights
Incoming international air travel arrangements MUST be coodinated with Eurotech® for a July arrival and early August departure back to the UK or Europe. Eurotech® will provide arrival and departure procedures via email for all staff.

STEP 11:  Staff Orientation/Symposium
All staff will participate in this orientation and ongoing training program where staff coaches and director’s are required to attend a series of theoretical seminars and practical workshops designed to prepare them for camp assignments.

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