Tour Meeting Agenda

Please find below a printable sample agenda that can used for your upcoming tour meeting with your team/group. The purpose is to give you a viable basic outline to follow which will cover most of the important topics your group may ask of you and Eurotech® Soccer Tours.

1. Schedule the team meeting for around 6:00pm on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in your home, classroom, school library, public library or soccer club meeting room. These days are the most popular for most parents and you will find that they are also not working at that time!

2. Call your Eurotech® Tour Consultant to request your requested Tour Itinerary for distribution to the parents attending the meeting. Please feel free to photocopy the itinerary (ies) for the group!

3. Research your destination and any tournament details if necessary and go through the itinerary day-by-day with your Eurotech® Tour Consultant. Your knowledge of the itinerary is critical to generate player and parent enthusiasm and overall confidence.

4. Publicize the meeting via email and phone to all parents and players.

5. Invite any players, parents and coaches who have traveled to Europe on a soccer tour before to speak briefly about their experiences. This can sometimes help "sell" the program and overall concept to parents!

6. Ensure that you have an adequate supply of itineraries and a copy of the Eurotech® tour literature to pass around to the group for review.

7. Follow up with parents who did not RSVP using your attendance list.

1. Circulate an attendance list: name, address, phone number and email.

2. Introduce yourself. Tell the parents about your teaching, coaching, team management experience, language skills, goals and objectives for the trip. Let them know you have been working directly with a internationally recognized soccer tour operator and they are providing you and your group with the needed guidance and direction for the tour from start to finish and everything in between!

3. Promote the athletic, educational and cultural aspects of soccer travel. Give parents the same information you gave the school board, soccer club president or board, athletic directors, etc. about how a Eurotech® Soccer Tour will add to their child’s benefit and growth as an athlete and a person.

4. Describe the itinerary, cities and cultures highlighted. Don’t forget to highlight any specific soccer related features like tournaments, the Eurotech® Pro Experience, special coaching clinics, stadium tours, friendly matches, etc. It is important to give parents a flavor of a typical day in a city or featured country.

5. Introduce Eurotech® Soccer Tours. You may wish to highlight our experience (founded in 1990, hundreds of soccer teams from the UK, Canada and all over the U.S. travel with Eurotech® and it’s UK based travel division Sports Travel International Ltd. every year!) Eurotech® also works with professional, college, club, high school and ODP teams on a regular basis. You may also want to highlight some of our Official Marketing Partners, Endorsers and Sponsors like adidas®, Major League Soccer (MLS), Eurosport, My Sports Dreams, and the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA®) to name a few. Eurotech® is also recognized by many European professional clubs as well as European coaching associations as well. It is always important that parents understand that you are dealing with a strong company with a solid background in sports tours and organizing events.

6. Distribute itineraries and review the itinerary day by day once again and don’t forget to present the last page which always highlights the "Tour Inclusions" and "Exclusions" at the bottom.

7. Review costs, including the exclusions listed below, optional spending money, as well as any optional add-ons your group may want to participate in if applicable – ie. – pro match tickets, etc.

8. Discuss how to handle citizenship issues as well as the steps and costs involved in obtaining passports and visas (if applicable). If you are leading a tour to Argentina, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico and New Zealand discuss the need for a letter of consent for participants under 18 years of age signed by both parents/legal guardians. Pay particular attention to the specific needs of any non-U.S. citizens in your group.

9. Answer questions. If you don’t know the answer, make a note of any questions the group may have and email them to your Eurotech® Tour Consultant so they can be answered after the meeting and sent out to everyone via email or presented at your next meeting.
10. Announce a deadline for deposits. Typically 2- 4 weeks after the initial meeting is standard.

1. Know your itinerary
2. Know your group and the questions they may ask
3. Keep the meeting short

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